Jumpin’ jacks

Well I can safely jump, skip and run up hills in a sleeveless top without fretting about wearing the right sports bra. Melissa from FehrTrade has solved dilemma with her XYT workout top. She’s also developed PB Jam leggings. I pattern tested these with a group of testers and she’s worked through our personal feedback.
Above is my first X-back version using dancewear lycra from The Remnant Warehouse. The bra lining uses 2 layers of powermesh. I love this stuff now.
My first X-back is a bit wide across the back on my first attempt but it still did the job I never imaged could be achieved.
Then I decided to use the checked poly spandex knit above that I bought from Clear it outlet in Melbourne last month.
When I wore the first version to the gym, it was a tad short for side stretches.
So this second x-back version was lengthened by 4cm. As the print is so wearable, I’ll be wearing it this summer as a weekend top.
This top covers me where I need it.
This is the Y-back version and I’m wearing the second PB Jam leggings. The Y-back is just as supportive as the x-back top. 
The leggings above were the first version and as you can see from the side seams, they needed to be sewn in a touch more. The back knee piece was at calve level so I raised this on the second pair. I used XS for both the top and leggings. I also did a sway back adjustment on the centre back piece.
Kyle has been asking for a pic of me running with a tyre at morning training. I haven’t been able to get this pic yet, so here’s one scaling a rope jungle gym. Thankfully there were no kids around to laugh at me.
Those tummy rolls are mine. There’s no airbrushing.
DH took these shots so he would have called an ambulance if I had fallen off the ropes like an idiot. You’ve think I was in primary school being so silly.
Now because the bra lining was so good, I’ve used this on the next summer dress you’ll see and the halter dress you saw earlier. I added the bra lining on both dresses after I’d made them so don’t judge my crude sewing. The result however works, like a glove.
If you want to take a closer look at these patterns, visit Melissa’s blog.