Nature strip

20 metres down the block is a bit of nature, so that’s where today’s MMM12 pic was taken.

Jacket: Simplicity 4698. I’ve reviewed this in pink.
Top: McCalls 8777. I no longer use a neckline facing. I turn the neck edge over and finish it with a straight stitch.
Pants: Burda 7746. I have to make 2 more of these pants (lined).
I’ve slowing built purple into my wardrobe but I never thought to team it with taupe. This was one of the few jackets in my wardrobe that doesn’t need altering. Most of my jackets do so I’ll be altering clothes while planning my next new projects.
What I have realised is after sewing for so long, we now have access to so many new independent sewing patterns that ever. My wardrobe is full of the big 4 and Burda so I’m slowly acquiring more independent sewing patterns, even patterns for bags.
If that isn’t a hint about what’s in the sewing pipeline…

Pants #3 – McCall’s 2874

The green pants are working well but they were made from stretch woven. This time I attempted navy woven pants so the challenges were definitely about getting the fit right.

This pattern is as plain as they come but it’s always about the pants fit for me.
The other challenge was I ran out of fabric so I made do with a voile fabric to finish off the pockets.
The front fit worked as it did on the green pants.
Warning about the pic below. 
The back on the other hand needed lots of help and the pic show you the finished results.
I took the fullness out of the pattern leg and there was still fullness at the back legs. The VPL was embarrasing so I refitted the back pockets for more room. I’ve finished the pants with belt carriers because I just wanted these pants finished without a glaring butt. I don’t like UFOs so I’ve tried to make this work.
I also made up this purple top McCalls 8777 with a remnant piece from of dry dry knit from my stash.  PS, I won’t be pulling on the pockets again…

Pants #2 – McCalls 2874

Happy 4th of July to you all. Eat a hot dog for me please:) Now the days are freezing and I have started working on pants with the aim of making jeans (baby steps). The initial adjustments I make before cutting the fabric are:

  • sway back adjustment
  • lower centre front waist
  • back ‘butt’ curve (depending on fit)
  • Length – 92 cm or 36 inch outer leg length

I always check the pattern width markings so that I know how much ease I’ll need, depending on the fabric. The previous pants were a loose weave and had some drape so that meant the pants would be closer to my body ie less ease. The jumper is McCalls 8777 made with left over merino wool knit.

This fabric is a stretch woven and it has lots of stretch, so again, the pants won’t need much ease. I’ve stuck with green because that’s the thread colour on my sewing machine and overlocker. I also figured, I may as well build a couple of green pieces that I can wear for now. I’m not sewing for a future event, just a couple of pieces to wear now that it’s cold. I’ll be able to take these pieces with me to NZ in September/October when we take a few short trips because of the rugby. Rugby is in DH’s blood, so these pieces might come with me. I can always add black when we’re at the games.

I’ve added a fly front panel behind the zipper.
The back was bulky so I’ve taken more fabric from the back leg, caused by this heavy/medium weight fabric. It’s stiff and less ease will help.

I’ve taken more fullness out of the side seams, particularly the back leg pieces and cut this pant pattern out in a navy woven fabric that isn’t as heavy. More news about this later.

competition burn out – McCalls 8777/Kwik Sew 2683

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try {
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker(“UA-7221807-1”);
} catch(err) {} Tonight I’m glad to have finished a few pieces from my stash. It’s now August and I can join a lined jacket comp or a mini wardrobe comp on PR review.

Right now I’m pooped. I’ve got three unfinished projects that are cut out, waiting for me to sew them up. I keep collecting design ideas from newspapers, magazines and online sites so I’ve got food for design thought.

Mmm. I’ll start again on Wednesday ’cause I’ll feel more energised by then.
I’ve placed this top here because it’s a compilation of McCalls 8777 and Kwik Sew 2683 bell sleeves, using some Tessutis green grey jersey and silver jersey that my sister bought in her disco days.