Pleather jacket

This jacket had to be completed this week because I’ll be making wedding gear for Mum.

So it all started with these gloves.

 Then I road tested this jacket in wool and snake embossed leather.

And now I have the matching pleather jacket for the gloves.

There’s a lot of topstitching because the pleather kept billowing out, which is ok if that’s the look you want.

This version has the sway back adjustment and it definitely sits much smoother on the back.
The hem and neck edges have 1 row of top stitching.

I just had to add a metal separating zipper from The lining was from my stash. Ironing pleather is not an option so I’ll need to hang this jacket on the dress form to get the crease lines out of the bodice.

The amazing thing was I didn’t mean to finish this in a week. The call to make Mum some wedding clothing came through the week. Each time I sewed up a seam I kept saying ‘just sew this seam and do a bit more tomorrow’. But my curiousity about how pleather sews up made me keep doing ‘just one more step’. It also helped that we had a raft of home made leftovers in the fridge so I didn’t have to make dinner from scratch each night. I think DH kept his approving nods consistent each I time I showed him the jacket’s construction. He deserves a beer.