Reality adjustments

Here are the other two tops I am making up for my SWAP.

Butterick 5283 is the one I’ve just done twice (spots and grey).
This fabric below has different properties to the other two.
I like the colour of this fabric because it goes with my darkness theme. I wore the grey one top to work and it was comfortable and looked good, so I know this is top is a keeper.

Diary of a sewing fanatic raised some good points about how to SWAP. They were points that I could understand.

I don’t have a storyboard, I just have a theme.

The pattern below is a new pattern so I’ve got the energy to adjust it to work for me. The fabric didn’t cost much but it’s dark but can be matched to other items in my wardrobe.

Life’s too short to make ill-fitting clothes.

Border line – Butterick 5328

As I’m still working on my SWAP, I found a piece of black woven fabric with a heavy embroidered border. I bought this from Pitt Trading at least three years ago. I thought it would be good on a dress but I’ve used this on the bottom hem of this cross over top.

I’m using Butterick 5328 and I’ve already made this up twice before.

This week I was in the mood to alter and cut out a few pieces to sew on the weekend and this was one of them. A pattern piece was missing so I traced this from a top I made up last year (lucky).
I’ve added a full bust adjustment and I’ve made the sleeve gathered. I’m not sure how long/short the sleeve will be as yet. It will depend on where it ends, in relation to my bust. I always avoid sleeve hems that are level with my bust. I don’t need the attention here.