Jumpsuit – McCalls 6083

Happy Australia Day. Can I take you back to the 70s with a simple jumpsuit?

This pattern was a fail for me when I initially tried it four years ago. With all the playsuits and jumpsuits around I thought it was time to try again. McCalls 6083 has a some great views and I chose View E.

Then it was time to test this with a left-over knit and the opportunity to glam up our national holiday.

When I first tried this pattern  I added 2cm to the body length so it would billow over the waistline. I appreciate how McCalls patterns print the actual garment width on the patterns for the bust, waist and hips. Once I checked these measurements, I decided to use the 10 size.

My test fabric is light weight and dark print, so it’s perfect for a wearable toile.
A bit of ‘Seams great’ on the shoulder seams and for the pockets were a must to keep their shape stable. I have noticed RTW use clear elastic now for stability. This does the trick just as well if you can’t get ‘Seams Great’.  Two snaps are the only bodice closures needed.

I cut this out in an hour and sewed it up in a bit over 2 hours. I had no fabric left for a belt.

The next version will have
– wider elastic at the waist, so that means increasing the waist hem for the top and trousers
– smaller arm holes, so I have to raise the arm holes of the front and back bodices
– I might cut the ’12’ size and 
– cut the base of the pocket bag off. The pockets end at mid-thigh level.

Here’s a view along King St wharf looking towards the Maritime Museum. It was a muggy, wet night so my jumpsuit was the right look for kicking back at the start of our Australia Day weekend. 

Uh-mm, I have another jumpsuit pattern (McCalls 6362) to test while the weather is warm and balmy. View A for weekend running around during the day.

I think I found the test fabric now after meeting up on Saturday (clearer weather too). Charityshopschic dubbed us the Australian Spoolettes. How cute. Is there anyone you know in this group shot? Thanks Amy for arranging this shot.

Put a scrimp on the barbie and celebrate this weekend. 

Sydney sewer meet up

We had lots of familiar sewing bloggers meet together on Saturday. I think fabric shopping was like background entertainment for us because it was so much fun meeting and chatting too everyone in real life.

While we got a helpful discount from Tessutis, I weakened with The Fabric Store’s 50% off sale.

This picture is from Little Betty blog, courtesy of Wendy. PS Wendy was glowing.

So while I don’t need more fabric, I weakened and purchased some silk pieces.

Pic left to right: Janelle, Rebecca and moi hunting fabrics. I wore my jungle print Yalta top. We hunted Janelle to find her perfect couture dress fabrics – successfully.

And Gabrielle was able to make it this time. I’ve been wanting to meet Gabrielle since Made-Me-May 2012.

Pic left to right: Yana, Lena, moi and Janelle.
Lena Merrin was there and gave us her industry-based fabric buying advice. Did anyone notice Lena’s skirt? Yana has been making some great maternity wear, as you can plainly see. All the best Yana!

So silks were on my shopping list, especially for the price. Did I mention that I’m easily swayed by a bargain.

Thanks to Kristy for arranging our meet up. I like Kristy’s idea of having the next meet up at a cafe because I had no ‘beans left in the can’ by the time it was time to go for drinks. Keep and eye on her blog for the next meet up.

I missed seeing Kristy, Jodie and Anne:((

BTW: Here’s an interesting fact. The Fabric Store has just ordered in rolls of the jungle print I was wearing. Now I bought this fabric at Pitt Trading (a Charlie Brown remnant) early last year. You know, that remnant bin with my name on it – LOL. So if you like this print, keep an eye out for it next time you’re in the store.
Small world!