Jalie sweetheart top/dress

While waiting for my Sewaholic Minoru pattern to arrive, I decided to do a Jalie.

The test top used the soft white knit remnant I’ve used before and the key finding here confirmed where the top/dress length should be and the hip width and hip placement. I’m a bit higher on the right hip and do still need to accomodate for my round behind. I’ve used size U. Swimwear elastic didn’t work so I’ve used 2mm width elastic on the bodice.

So, the real garment is this dress. I’ve found that this fabric is much looser than the white test version and the bodice was a lower fit. I’ve since raised the side bodice neckline up with front neckline so I don’t have anything peeking out.
This fabric has a huge print on it and it was the last on the roll so I’ve positioned the orchid on my waist. The interesting aspect of this print was placing each piece so that the colours flowed. There was no way I would have the fabric or smarts to get each print piece in the right spot but I might still play with the fit when I get home.

The overall time it took to make this version was 4 hours. I’m working away from home so I have a really great room that I’ve set up with my little sewing machine.

Here’s how I packed the machine in my carry on bag. Big bubble wrap and some packing foam that DH acquired for the bikes. I stored the bag in the overhead locker and no one made any comments because it didn’t draw people’s attention to ‘the little lady with a carry on bag and laptop bag’. He he. It’s nice to be invisible sometimes.
Thank you to DH for bringing the laptop this weekend so I can put up this post.