Criss cross – Jalie 2787

I’ve really enjoyed seeing many of you make great clothes with Jalie patterns and this is my first Jalie attempt. I loved the crisscross tops that Quilt Sew Sew Sue and Kbenco made.

This crisscross pattern construction threw me when I initially sewed the side seams together. The cross front sections were loose at the waist so I unpicked and tapered these back onto the back section. The other aspect was the front waist piece was also loose so again, I adjusted the width and sewed the front waist piece to the underneath crisscross piece. Because it’s winter, I kept feeling a breeze.
This fabric was ear-marked for the wrap dress and I still have plenty to do a dress later.
What I loved about this pattern was the crisscross design so I’ve used white FOE to keep the design aspect prominent. I’ve also used FOE on the bell sleeve hem.  I’ll keep the sleeve shape as is for this fabric. If I use this with a wool knit, I might rethink the sleeve shape – slim it to the wrist.