Avocado women’s hoodie

The cold hit last week and I had to wear my 70s/80s tracksuit top at the 6am outdoor class. The sleeves billow a bit so the women’s Avocado seemed like a good option to try next.  The sleeves got in the way of the car tyres we hold while running up the grass hill.

I made the 6 but I’ll make the 4 next and shorten the sleeves and body.

Mari gave me this pattern as a thank you for testing the mens hoodie. This all-over fabric was from the Remnant Warehouse and since it’s white on the wrong side, I’ve lined the hoodie with a Pitt Trading Remnant.

Renata, this remnant piece was from that elusive Pitt Trading remnant bin.

I’ve done a 2cm rolled shoulder adjustment and sway back adjustment.

This hoodie pattern has all 4 pockets so I kept them on this versioin to see how the pattern detailing worked for this women’s style. Clear elastic is used to keep the pockets from bagging out of shape. Clever.

Thumb opening on sleeve
I thought you might want a closer looks a the thumb opening feature of this hoodie. Now that we’ve got our cold weather, this is a very timely feature.

The thumb opening is placed 5cm or 6cm forward of the sleeve join. And the sleeve band is very wide so there’s no sleeve pulls. Clever little pattern piece.

This fabric is a synthetic masquarading as a wool and it has drape but no elasticity so the elastic used at the pocket will keep the shape of this hoodie for a few seasons.

I thought I’d add this photo taken when Sharon and I were at sewing.

This version has now been worn at the gym and was ideal in warmth and length. It didn’t get in the way of holding car tyres either. Gym cover up tops need to be long enough to cover the tushy and this hoodie fits the bill. Mission accomplished.

Beajay mentioned that I’m going to play with this pattern to make a smart casual version for end of the day drinkies. I’ll show you that next in size 4 using a stretch knit.

I have to say that working with Beajay to get her jacket pattern to fit was a good learning experience for both of us and a bit scary. I’ve read alot about making adjustments and Carolyn has got her TNT patterns sorted so the ‘rubber hits the road’ when making these adjustments for a real person and not just on paper.

Amanda’s FBA method for sizes above an E cup was a revelation to both of us. Thanks Amanda.

Then Rebecca and JudieL helped me sort out my own bra making test garment  I had another go at getting Kwik Sew 3300. I think I’m one step away from making my first bra. Yay. I’m not expecting much so I shouldn’t be disappointed with my first few makes. Yay.