A gorgeous hoodie

I saw a ‘little red riding hood jacket’ with a Steam punk feel for my Minerva Crafts project using McCalls 4261 as the jacket basis.

Worn to work.
Weekend styling

What did I use?

What did I change?

You might notice the hood is lined. 

The whole jacket is lined with the fine black knit fabric suggested by Vicki. Annette prefers this fine knit to line jackets, skirts and dresses with. I know I used this knit lining last year with my Vogue houndstooth dress.

From the picture below you can see that I extended the jacket length and added width at the hem. This provides the added width so I could use the ribbon lacing at the back of the jacket.

The picture below shows the front jacket hem extended with a slight amount of added width for my hips. I’ve overlayed the new pocket piece and checked the pocket placement and depth at the side seam.

The hem is curved so I’ve tried to match the side seams for this new hem style.

Here’s my little riding hood smile.

Thanks Minerva Crafts for letting me update my casual jacket for something that’s just a bit different again.

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Jaywalk (Alexa/Avocado) hoodie

Here’s where my stripe hoodie inspiration came from

I love Lululemon jackets, Nike jackets even the Aldi jacket I bought last year.
Rhianna wore a cool version too.
Then I found this…so I had to stop researching and decide on what to make.

Then I made this.

This is a blend of Tessuti’s Alexa tee (body and sleeves) with Avocado hoodie (hood and sleeve cuffs with thumb hole).

Playing with the stripes and matching them kept me pondering for days. I had to keep putting this project down between each step.


I did plan and make the hoodie but placing a zip on zip off piece across the back neckline didn’t work. The hoodie stripes on the outside are vertical and on the inside they are horizontal, so when I wear it, it becomes a hood/cape/collar.

I drafted this to cover my neck.

Anita’s sleeves are a good fit and length but my idea is to wear this to the gym during the winter, hence the thumbhole sleeve cuffs.

After speaking all things activewear with Susan (measuretwicecutonce) and Joanne, it was really clear that zippered pockets in a seam line are the strongest. But I made these pockets not on the seamline. 

My RTW jacket has the pocket bag sewn into the hem and into the zipper, so that’s what I did.

Zipper tape:
I couldn’t resist this measuring tape trim #sewinggeek.

And that’s my Jaywalk hoodie:)