US wrap up

After all the planning and research that Alison and Sharon did to prepare for our trip, going to Portland and Puyallup for Sew Expo was so worth the effort. I discovered so much about the states and I loved to visit again. Everyone we met in that week were so welcoming. Thank you Janis for taking us fabric shopping in Portland. Ann and Barbara from Washington State Uni, the organisers went out of their way to deliver our tickets to us. Laura from the Yahoo group hosted a lovely dinner as did the local ASG.
Below is my fabric haul during the one week I had with Sharon and Alison. DH arrived at the end of day 3 of Sew Expo, so I skipped classes on the last day. As you can see I focused on strong cool colours.
The notions, patterns, threads and buckles (oh the buckles) now have separate set of draws in my sewing room, thanks to Officeworks. I did get the big red book – yippee.

I’ve been back home for just over a week, because DH and I travelled on for another 3 weeks, visiting Seattle a bit more, flew to San Fran, drove to LA and Las Vegas. I visited Disney for the first time ever and loved the whole experience. We missed a few days because I was waylaid in hospital for three days in San Fran and I’ve been doing follow up work since we made it home – no sewing yet. Travel insurance is worth it no matter where you travel.

From a sewing point of view, my shape has changed but I’m not sure if it’s permanent, so my sewing is going to be ‘for the moment’. My wrap knit dresses that I made in February look big on me at the moment but on Sunday my godmother did comment – ‘your shape looks better now’. She’s very honest. Anyway, I’ll be doing a bit more research and practice on pattern alterations. I’m so glad I went to plenty of workshops at Sew Expo:) 

Did I mention that I bought 8 pairs of boots? Four knee-high boots and four ankle boots.