The zip jacket

Here’s the pattern I used to make the zip brown jacket.
I’m not going to review it on patternreview because Lincraft doesn’t print this anymore.

McCalls 4596 is a recent zip jacket that I made up in blue last year.

The instructions are good and this is an easier pattern to fit because it has princess lines to the shoulder seam.

Well matured fabric/pattern

Double knits are great to use when you’re building up a new wardrobe, or are refreshing an established one. This is a Lincraft pattern from way back, possibly 15 years.

The story behind this trim is this – I bought some cushion covers for the dining table and the cushions were held together with this ribbon. The idea isn’t anything new but I thought that I should challenge my skills a bit.

I’ve kept the details close to my face, so the style is kept simple and clean. The jacket is interfaced with texture weft, to give the jacket more durability.
I wore it last night and it’s comfortable and a nice layer to wear in the cold. I did notice the the back needs more shaping so I’ll work on that in the coming weeks. For now, this is a nice addition to my winter wardrobe.