Jumper, jacket or hoodie

McCalls 6614 has been in my stash for a while so while doing a few weekend chores these projects diverted my attention.

The front photo on the pattern doesn’t really show these tops up to well but the line drawings do.

This grey top was the test run using a discounted Winter fabric I bought at The Fabric Store a few years ago. 

The fabric has odd lines running through it so I placed the pattern pieces with the lines running up and not across.

Then I played with the back and sleeves to include a bit of reflective tape and white cover stitching.

With flash, you can see the reflective tape

With no flash, the tape is simply piping

Technically speaking, I adjusted the sleeve length by 5cm and the top length by 2cm.

When I saw this print on IG from Darn Cheap Fabrics earlier this year I ran their store and ordered this whole kit.

I’m still not sure what to do with the trim gift.

The only problem was I didn’t order enough rib knit for the cuffs so I substituted this with blue lycra fabric from the stash.

The finished jacket

The jacket has a hood that I didn’t want so I drafted up a simple collar as the substitute.

The jacket is quite heavy and great for cold days.

This meant I needed to be creative with the back neckline so again with a bit of stash diving, I used this elastic as the finish.

Great tush cover

No seam edges were finished because there was no need to finish them. I didn’t want to add bulk and hence waste time when I really should have been doing my weekend chores.

The pockets work!

So to finish off the weekend I dragged out my Fabricline.com fabric purchases and made this top for a new Winter running layer.

This blue is a bit Star Trek.
Beam me up!

This fabric has good wicking properties so I cut this out and sewed it up within about three hours.

You can just see the reflective piping with no flash

Now you can see the reflective piping

Again I used the coverstitching and used the white thread as the contrast.

The leggings pattern is Vogue 1378

I’ll tell you about these leggings (Vogue 1378 Donna Karan) in the next post. I made them late last Winter and then forgot to post up my little review.

Working with fine knits

Fine knit fabrics are gorgeous. Take a look at this gorgeous knit below from Minerva Crafts.

Fine knits are soft, resilient and drape lightly. So the key skill here is how do you work with them. Overlock? Coverstitch? Machine stitch? Or just use the fabric as a blanket? This type of fine knit is too good to be used as a blanket.

I decided to make Simplicity 2603 again and work on this new navy version.

Using a basic 4-thread machine sews the seams well but be aware of the best stitch and thread tension. As Maris says, test your fabric first.

Overlocking worked well to construct the seams and finish the edges nicely.

Testing this knit with no stabiliser resulted in tunneling. Even ‘steam a seam lite’ didn’t help. So without any additional tear away fabric, Coverstitching wasn’t going to work.

You can see how fine this fabric is and it just didn’t go through the coverstitch machine without looking ‘angry’.

Machine stitch
Aaah. Success. A simple straight stitch worked.

Testing your machines with fine fabrics will help create something you’re happy to wear.