Rawr – McCalls 6559

While trekking through the fabric jungle one morning I spied a large Lion on the horizon. The lion looked like the one in Daktari or Clarence the cross-eyed lion.

Then I pounced on this pattern in my pattern stash.

I managed to wrangle the short dress version from the small piece I had.

With a wisp of seams great on the shoulder seams, coverpro used on the hems, this little lion was cut and finished in under 2 hours.

To get the hem right, I had to add another strip from the piece I had left.

But I did get Clarence on my left side. He’s been in my stash for at least 12 months from remnants at Pitt Trading from Charlie Brown. The humidity has just started for our summer so I’m going to enjoy wearing this little lion for the duration.

I’ve shortened the shoulder straps by 1″ and the neckline and armholes sit nicely – no gaps.

The image of Clarence remains the property of www.marshall-thompson.com/