A gorgeous hoodie

I saw a ‘little red riding hood jacket’ with a Steam punk feel for my Minerva Crafts project using McCalls 4261 as the jacket basis.

Worn to work.
Weekend styling

What did I use?

What did I change?

You might notice the hood is lined. 

The whole jacket is lined with the fine black knit fabric suggested by Vicki. Annette prefers this fine knit to line jackets, skirts and dresses with. I know I used this knit lining last year with my Vogue houndstooth dress.

From the picture below you can see that I extended the jacket length and added width at the hem. This provides the added width so I could use the ribbon lacing at the back of the jacket.

The picture below shows the front jacket hem extended with a slight amount of added width for my hips. I’ve overlayed the new pocket piece and checked the pocket placement and depth at the side seam.

The hem is curved so I’ve tried to match the side seams for this new hem style.

Here’s my little riding hood smile.

Thanks Minerva Crafts for letting me update my casual jacket for something that’s just a bit different again.

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Fleecing moment – McCall 5714

With the impending NSW Industry Day, my memories of past meetings are full of freezing moments at the Simplicity warehouse. We are really fortunate that Simplicity allows ASG members to meet on their premises one day a year and our meetings have been on wintery Saturdays. So, with Mum’s warm experience with her polar fleece jacket and a 25 per cent discount at the local Spotlight store, I took a plunge and decided to make this fleece layer for the day.

The aim was to have a warm casual layer that wouldn’t show any marks that might happen while at the warehouse. We have an exciting day at Simplicity because of the fabric and pattern discounts offered they offer ASG members.

The front bodice has a self facing and this piece is interfaced. The under collar and front self faced ‘skirt’ band are interfaced. I follow these directions so the pieces would maintain their shape for longer. The rest of the jacket is unlined although I was in two minds about lining polar fleece, but it’s really thick and my poor Janome needs my assistance when sewing through more than two layers of polar fleece.
While testing the jacket, I realised the 3/4 sleeve length wasn’t going to keep me warm so I did a frill test sleeve. Now that the sleeve is done, I’ve ironed in flat because I don’t have the height to make this sleeve billow out so far.


I’ve never thought using gatherings on polar fleece, but there you have it. Just joking around, I felt that this jacket was a bit robin hood or pirate-like.
As for Industry day, we were in the presence of a great seamstress Renee Wedell. She worked on dresses for Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy during her career in many French couture houses in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. The black dress below is a couture original. The dresses  below were made by her for her family. Her sewing career spanned for more than 50 years as workroom manager through to tutor in her later years.

Yes, you are looking at the inside of the Simplicity factory, as you can see.