Piecing it together

These pieces have been sitting in my stash for at least a year. Last month I decided to piece these together to refresh my work wardrobe.

These ponte pieces are really thick and are factory off-cuts.

It also helped that I had research Carlo Poggioli work on Divergent for lots of inspiration.

Candor dress
This is a midi length dress and the main challenge was matching these stripes.

The stripes are really wide so I didn’t need to use a walking foot to sew the seams.

Butterick 5922 was my base bodice pattern for the dress.

It was worth a try. When I get the courage, I’ll sew the waist in a bit more.

Candor set
Again Butterick 5922 was my base bodice pattern for the top.

The skirt is simply based on the wide of each off cut and pinned to match my hip width. I’ve pegged the base of the skirt for a bit of shape. 

There was no reason to add a zipper so I simply used a wide elastic for the waist band.

Erudite dress
New Look 6808 was the basis of this dress. I originally tested this style using the Stormtrooper print so I could make sure the neckline worked.

This dress uses fabric I bought from Pitt Trading last month. This fabric is really thick and possibly scuba fabric. It didn’t need lining but I had to be accurate with the fit. 

This fabric stretches so if I went for a body con look like Kate Winslet, I may have looked like a ‘fan-reject’.

It’s been an awesome ride making each of these pieces.