The gloves have done my head in and after seeing that very few people have made gloves on PR, I’m rethinking this project. So the gloves are on hold. I may need to hand sew them.

MMM12 Day 27:

We had just finished brekkie out and I bought the Sunday papers and brioche for lunch with a cuppa. It was a bit chilly again.

Jacket: Minoru jacket.
Top: Butterick 5562 toile.
Jeans: Vogue jeans 8774. These woven jeans are a good fit. There’s no spandex in this pair.

MMM12 Day 28 (middle me):
Tops: Made-me underlayer merino knit top; Upper top Kwiksew 3740
Jacket: Toile jacket that I haven’t blogged before. McCalls 8971.
Skirt: Anne Taylor skirt that’s been sized down a couple of notches.
I was supposed to have a meeting with a senior manager and it was postponed.

MMM12 Day 29 (left me):
Top: Jalie scarf top 2921
Jacket: Lincraft 1082 that I made in 2009
Skirt: Check skirt you saw on day 4 
The meeting went ahead and my project got approved. Yay.

MMM12 Day 30 (right me):
Top: Butterick 5526 toile
I do have a made me jacket today but it’s not in view so it doesn’t count. I’m pooped so that’s why I’ve got no real colour on today.

Hawaii 5-0

This morning it was a bit too cool not to wear a jacket but for the purposes of showing the ruching on this top, I’ll show you the jacket another time. The jacket needs to be taken in so it’s on my ‘to-alter’ list in between my new current winter projects.

This morning’s mug is from an ABC Store in Hawaii. I bought the first mug 7 years ago but last year a colleague was visiting the islands and she bought me two more mugs and just recently a senior colleague had the exact same mug on his desk. I know ‘small things…”.

The top is Butterick 5562 and I’ve used this fabric on the bits and pieces top last week.
The ruching was done using Seams great but I would now use skinny elastic for the ruchng for more wearing movement.
The pants McCalls 2874, are a wool blend and they are very scratchy so I’m going to practice lining these pants because Renata, Sharon and Wendy swear by them. I’m now very convinced.
I just completed part of my Jalie Jeans. The back pockets and front pockets are done. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the front zip. Talk soon…