Jeans progress

Kenneth King’s Jean-ius online course has been great to learn from and I haven’t gotten through the whole class yet. I would love to go to a live Kenneth King class one day, if I can manage book into a class and then flying across for it! The online course will do for now. I have already made these Jalie jeans but I joined the course to learn more about making jeans and getting the fit right. Below is a progress pic as I’m making these jeans again for the Best of patterns contest on PR.

The fabric has a fine pinstripe with a darkish brown face. I call this a ‘nothing’ colour. The topstitching thread is a bone-cream colour. The pockets are lined with the fabric I used on the first vintage halter dress I made this year.
The main change I made was on the back leg, at the crotch line. There were lines at the base of the butt that I thought I could eliminate. The lines not the butt.

Last night DH wanted to eat out, so I decided to get changed into another MMM knit dress. This is a top pattern (McCalls 8777) extended to dress length in 2008.

Today’s mug was given to me by a friend, when I was trying to settle into a new job. It has a mother duck saying to her ducklings ‘Make it look easy but underneath paddle like hell’. Inside the mug is ‘Keep on paddling’.

Today’s MMM’12 outfit is this grey top Butterick 5283. It’s a long sleeved layer that suits the office. I normally wear a layer underneath when it gets cold. Today I’ve got a short sleeve cotton tee underneath. The lined skirt is Butterick 3597. The military jacket is Vogue 7764. I’ve only reviewed this pattern in pink version.