Bits n pieces top

This top is the closest I’ll ever get to quilting. I sew clothing and am keen to get the fit right and I have no eye for matching fabric for a quilt as I plainly discovered making up this top.

The basics:

I’ve used the Jalie scarf-collar 2921 body without the scarf-collar as the basis of this top because it has a v-neckline. I plan to make the jalie scarf-collar top another time.
The neckline is finished with fold over elastic.

The basic piecing method below was developed by Dilliander.
The smaller pattern shapes were drawn onto a full front bodice and the design and grainlines added. Individual pattern pieces were numbered, then traced with 6mm seam allowance added where each piece joins another.

While cutting out the fabric pieces I forgot to add the seam allowance but this wasn’t a problem as I used a 2mm seam for each piece.

After I sewed the front pieces together I was disappointed with the lightest coloured fabric so I cut out a different darker piece and without unpicking the original piece, I sewed the 2 new pieces over the original piece using 1 row of normal sewing to hide the seaming and the rest of the piece was sewing using the Cover pro and some very close cutting.

I did experiment with coverpro stitching on the front pieces but I found this was making the fabric pieces look less defined. It just wasn’t my style.

What I’ve learnt:
– Slow down when I get excited about a new style. That’s why I forgot to add seam allowance to the front pieces.
– Use the multi-pieces closer to the neckline and keep the hip area plain.
– Sleep on the idea. In the morning, the design/sewing solution came to mind and it was much easier to tackle the sewing issue after breakfast.

This is my first Made-Me-May 2012 outfit.
The top was finished this morning. I just had to get this top made and off my books so that I can get on with other clothes that I had previously planned to make.
The jacket Butterick 5087 was made last winter.