Fix it weekend.

This weekend our bathrooms were finally fixed after 8 weeks of seeing both bathrooms in a kerfuffle. The leak in one bathroom affected the wardrobe so out came our belongings for at least 6 weeks.
This gold jacket is a piece I made in the 80’s. This was the jacket I wore over whatever dress etc, that I was wearing for a typical Greek wedding or dance. Shocking, I know. The jacket isn’t lined and it’s really harsh on the skin. This is now going into the charity recycling bin, as are three garbage bags of our gear that’s faded or small but good or just not part of our lifestyle.

The other thing I’ve done this weekend is fix the things that I’m keeping. The pjs above are a $12 Peter Alexander pj pants that now has a top Kwik sew 2683. I’ve added a cherry FOE on the neckline.
These pieces needed fixing. I got both of these while on hols last year. The skirt has pleats at the front and has a yoke but the waist needed taking in. I added a dart in the back yoke of the skirt.

The tops now have neckline inserts so I can wear to work if I want. The green insert are the sleeve cuffs from the one with the grey insert. The grey insert is a scrap from my stash.