Hi all,
Sorry about the abort messages that have occurred over the last three weeks.
It’s been a painful process, trying to figure out what went wrong.

I think I might have:

  1. added the page tracking code in the wrong place in the html,
  2. did something strange when I loaded up pictures at the end of last month,
  3. or done all of the above in my quest to publish every item that I produced during the fabric stash competition.

Thanks for hanging in there.

I’ll put some some new sewing news up shortly and then republish the pics that I’ve deleted, while trying to fix the ‘abort’ problem.

planning is key – McCalls 5753

try {
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker(“UA-7221807-1”);
} catch(err) {} The skirt front is a nightmare. Yes. It’s my fault for not checking the waist and hip width of the skirt before I cut it out. I drew a line along where the side seam should be.
Granted, I love the pocket detail – pictures to come – but the front waist is 3cm too narrow on both hips, making it 6 cm too narrow. The skirt back needs 2cm more to fit properly over my posterior.
I’ll go back to the pattern and add the width to the middle of the skirt because the pocket detail will become very distorted. In the meantime, I’m going to cut out another skirt front and finish the dress – maybe.

New pattern stress – McCalls 5753

Last night I conquered the pockets and adjusted the bodice to fit me, as opposed to a tight squeeze. All weekend I was dreading the pockets because they’re a feature on my hips, that I was trying to avoid/change/amend/ignore.
Now I’ll be joining the bodice to the skirt (fingers crossed). I had to face up to the reality that I needed to do more planning and adjustments to the pattern, that I’ll do once I finish this fushia trial.

I will finish this new dress pattern and then try a new jacket pattern – more stress even with the normal adjustments. In the meantime, there are a couple of knit tops that I also want to fit in.

fabric stash #2 – what was I thinking?

After I started sewing this dress, I realised that this fabric was meant to be dress lining, for an idea I had years ago. I used a cross-over top and extended it to become a cross-over dress. The fabric has good two-way stretch, for lining, but a nightmare for a dress.
The colour is not one of my ‘colours’ so again, what was I thinking.

Here is an example of why the top works well with the right fabric.

If I do this style again, it will be using a one-way stretch, dark fabric with limited waistline features.