Haloumi bread

If you like haloumi cheese, try this recipe taken from ‘from home to home’, a fundraising book from St Raphael’s Greek Orthodox Church, Parish of Liverpool and District. Alexia Georgopoulos privded this recipe.

Oven temp: moderate
Use melted butter to line the tin (square tin or bunte tin) and sprinkle with sesame seeds

1 cup vegetable oil
1 cup milk
8 eggs beaten (reduce this if you want to reduce the cholestrol)
4 cups grated haloumi cheese
2 1/2 cups self raising flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
Finely chopped fresh mint
1 egg for glazing

In a big mixing bowl, mix together the oil, milk and eggs.
Add the haloumi, flour, baking powder and stir through mint.
Pour into the baking tin.
Pour the beaten egg over the mixture and spread evenly to glaze.
Cook in a moderate oven for 45 to 60 minutes.

Slice and serve hot. 


Don’t sweat it

The plan was to use this fabric for a sweatshirt but because of its structure, I made this into a dress using Butterick 6494.

I know, it worked. Who would have thought.

My original idea was to use Jalie Marie-Claude raglan but the pattern needed 40% stretch. This floral print loop back sweatshirt knit fabric has minimal stretch.

I have made Butterick 6494 twice as a top using sweatshirt fabric so I knew this pattern would work again.

I wasn’t 100% sure it would suit me but I’m fine with this dress. To be honest, the movement in this fabric paired with the print, allows me to wear this in the office.

I think it’s the dress structure and the fabric print that lifts dress this so I can wear it for more than just one occasion.

You’ll chuckle when I tell you that this pattern is designed for 35% stretch fabric. I really need to read the pattern envelope before I choose my fabrics.

If I had used the right fabric, I would have made the 8 to 10 size dress. 

For my sweatshirt fabric, I made the 12 to 14 size dress.

This pattern has a good collar that is held up by the fabric structure. If I had used a stretchier fabric, the neckline may have tested my patience and it would have needed interfacing. With this sweatshirt fabric, not interfacing was used so that’s a win to me.

Yes I added the pockets to this dress. 

There is a bit of understitching to keep the pocket fabric sitting flat.

Note to self: read the pattern more closely.

Thanks Minerva Crafts for enabling me to stretch my sewing skills when I really need them!


Winter collection

While it’s been cold, I’ve sewn more than reviewed. I’m constantly thinking about what fabric goes with the fabrics in my stash.

Today I was able to bring 3 pieces together and they worked for me.

I made this jacket last Winter when I had a really bad cold using Elliott Berman fabric.

I love wearing this jacket while it’s a wee bit chilly. I have the pink colourway to use for a different puffer jacket.

Now the skirt is a test version on Susan Khalje’s pencil skirt using a cupro remnant from Pitt Trading.

Over the weekend I decided to try a relaxed style blouse with long sleeves so I used Burda Style 6436 using another Pitt Trading remnant. It’s a medium weight stretch crepe.

Yes the sleeves are long and so it the body. The front neckline pleats are cute and not too heavy.

As you can see, you only need to sew a hook and eye closure and you’re done with this blouse.

All the seams are French seam finished and that’s it really.

Relaxed and rugged up for the rest of Winter and that’s that really…

Jalie works

While we have a mild Winter in Australia I still love rugging up.

This month it was an easy choice to make up a couple of activewear layers using Jalie pattern and Minerva fabric to keep me training during our ‘cold’ weather.

A key part of using Jalie patterns is they offer multiple sizes from children to adult sizes in one pattern. That’s a lot of sizes so it pays to also order a packet of tracing paper, which Minerva stocks. 

Get some Prym tracing carbon or any of Prym’s tracing tools to keep your patterns accurate. They are always good to have in your sewing basket.

Back to this month’s patterns:
Leggings (Jalie Isabelle) and a raglan (Jalie Marie-Claude pullover) top.

This year I used Jalie’s Isabelle leggings and skating pants. I don’t skate so I made the long leggings – view B –  for running. I have new shoes and insoles to support my feet after surgery in February.

The plan for the leggings combined black and white. I used plain stretch swimwear dress fabric in black and paired this with the zebra animal print stretch lycra swimwear fabric in black and white. These were simple choices as most people choose to wear basic black leggings, including myself.

The Isabelle leggings pattern needs 60% stretch fabric so these two fabric choices had what I needed in stretch and support. The zebra print is a poly spandex so it keeps it’s shape over time. The black fabric is polyamide and lycra, so again it has good stretch and strength.

The Jalie pocket in the waistband at the front is a good size and I keep my keys in this pocket. All my other essentials are usually strapped to my arm when I run.

Isabelle’s line drawing provides you with the opportunity to play with colour and pattern combinations.
Using amazing prints like this zebra print was lots of fun. I took the conservative option and kept the zebra print on the waistline on these leggings.

I chose the pocket on the waistband and used 2.5cm wide non-roll elastic on the waistband. The pattern states 1cm wide elastic but I prefer a firmer fit waistband when I run.

I increased the centre back seam by 3cm and then had to take out 2cm at the waistband width to make these fit me. The back waistband height adjustment would have been plenty without the width adjustment as the waistband has the elastic so don’t fret too much when you’re making these leggings.

The other adjustment I’m used to doing is lowering the centre front seam, again because of my shape. I kept the waistband pieces as it and only adjusted the main centre front panels.

The obvious change is shortening the leg length.

Raglan top
I had planned to make the raglan top out of a different knit but Jalie Marie-Claude pattern requires fabrics with 40% stretch. Again I had fun with this raglan top finding the best print/plain combination for me.

The zebra print is amazing and I’m so glad the main zebra swoosh (not a technical term) runs across my chest and then turns south. Neat print right!

I used size V and used the black fabric for the sleeves and neckline.
I sewed this pattern up so quickly that I forgot to sew up the sleeve cuff with a thumbhole. There’s always next time.

I would normally reduce the length of this pattern but because it’s a layer for the gym, I keep the top long so I can stretch,

and stretch,

and stretch with confidence.

Jalie patterns use 6mm seam allowances so they are great for sewing on an overlocker. They take no time to make and I made these two pieces on a Saturday.

The only thing I would love is for these patterns to have their instructions on a separate piece of paper. The pattern pieces and instructions are on the main pattern paper so this makes it hard to have the whole pattern open while sewing. The instructions are great it’s just cumbersome.

Jalie patterns have worked for me in the past and they continue to work for me now.