Sewport 2016

A weekend retreat at Port Macquarie (SewPort 2016) organised by the lovely Lizzy with Jenny, Victoria, Jenny, Pam, Wendy, Christine, Rachel, Anna, Alison, Emma and Ruth was well worth the drive.

The sewing space we had this year was amazing at the Glasshouse.

Photo taken by Alison

See what I mean about the space we had this year?

Photo taken my Alison
The lighting was great. The tables were sturdy and big! We had a full length mirror and a separate cutting space.
Rachel and Ruth
We did venture out on both nights to take in some of the great food in Port Macquarie and get in some more time talking about sewing and other important life issues.

Photo taken by Alison at the Town Green Inn

The staff at all the venues we went to were superb ie friendly and attentive. 

Photo taken by Pam

Victoria and I realised we both know Anne Whalley so we took this pic to ‘say hello’ to Anne on Instagram.

Dan (on the left) told us about how they set up ‘rain’ on stage at the Glasshouse. Lizzy took us on a private tour of the theatre.

Did we get any sewing done? Yes. Plenty. We shared lots of sewing ideas and helped with fitting toile patterns.
Pam and Alison did the fabric printing session.

We all survived the weekend storms in such a great location. Driving back to Sydney in torrential rain was an adventure.

Thanks to Lizzy for organising this weekend. I really loved it and I know everyone who went did too.
Thanks Pam for enabling me to buy another sewing roller bag.
Hey Emma, I’ll do an activewear post for you this week.

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