SIM bundle #2

In case you haven’t seen the latest SIM bundle 2, here’s the sale of a new stack of Indie patterns on now. The sale of these patterns (mostly knit fabrics) runs from Tuesday 1 September 1 through Thursday 10 September 10 (this week).

20% of bundle proceeds will be donated to Women for Women, which helps women dealing with violence, marginalization, and poverty due to war and conflict. You’re more than welcome to donate to Women for Women directly.

Sewing Indie Month (SIM) is on all this month showcasing indie sewing patterns where designers collaborate to bring you fun blog posts and informative tutorials. 

It’s accompanied by a sewalong contest with fantastic prizes. Since the patterns in the SIM Bundle 2 are mostly knits, this sale gives you time to make quick projects for the contest while supporting small women-owned businesses and raising money for charity.

This year the Sewing Indie Month HQ is Sew Independent, which Mari from Seamster Sewing Patterns took over from Donna, who decided to step back from the site. You can buy the bundle and keep up to date with the latest SIM news on 

Pay what you want for this bundle:
The more you pay, the more rewards you’ll receive. 
  • Pay $25 or more to get the VNA Top, 6101 Fit & Flare Skirt, Bess Top, Nettie Dress & Bodysuit, and Pinot Pants.
  • Pay $32 or more to get the Walkley Vest & Dress and Jasper Sweater & Dress.
  • Pay $38 or more to get the Nautilus Swimsuit, the NEW Kinga Skirt, and the NEW April 1962 Coat.
Two new patterns:
The Kinga Skirt by Kate & Rose and the April 1962 Coat by SomaPatterns are brand new patterns that are being released with the bundle. During the sale you can only buy them as part of the bundle. 

Take a closer looks at the Bundle 2 designers and their patterns:
Have a look at the creations from the SIM bundle #2 bloggers:
My two pre-tested projects

1. VNA by Fehr Trade
VNA top was released last year by Melissa of Fehr Trade. Below is the first test top.

I made this top as a casual top. At the time it was the middle of winter but I was able to identify the back armholes were too low for me, so I wedged out a piece for the next top.

At the time I wasn’t able to write up a review however I made a second test VNA and made a better fitting VNA using a panel print.

Both versions use locally bought knit prints.

I still have to make this VNA up using fabric I bought with Allison C in Hong Kong last year.

Anyway…on the weekend I decided to whip up another version for the gym in dark colours.

And came up with a Super hero photo – “Sewing is my super power”.

Able to sew up activewear at the drop of a hat.

And still have to use an unpicker on every garment!

Let’s put that comic character aside for now.

2. Nautilus swim suit
Below is my test version I made again in the Winter. Erin included me as a pattern tester so I chose to test for the one-piece swimsuit. 

This test version has been adjusted for my short frame and I’m in the process of shopping around for swimwear bust cup inserts.

I chose to add FOE so that you can see the style lines of this swimsuit. It’s the type of feature I that would have made me buy a store-bought swimsuit if I couldn’t sew my own swimwear.

Sometimes I take the short route and construct what I need without adding the ‘bells and whistles’ that would make me buy clothes because it’s faster to sew. What I keep relearning is I need to add these finishes so that my home-made clothes are as nice as store-bought clothes.

PS: I also made the Sutton blouse from the first SIM bundle.

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