Jalie shapewear

Shapewear. Do you bother wearing shapewear? Would you make shapewear? Well it was a slow news day when this article came up last week. So I reacted to this ‘celebrity secret’ in a sewing way.

Control brief with tummy panel on the left and shape shorts on the right
If you’ve sewn activewear, shapewear is easy enough to achieve. Jalie 2572 has been in my pattern stash for a while so as I’m sewing a bunch of activewear at the moment, I thought my current sewing skills could handle sewing shapewear. 

I was curious about the techniques and fit so while these test pieces look ‘questionable’, they do fit. I used size ‘T’. This control brief has a stretchy powermesh body and a more stable power mesh tummy control panel. I follow Jalie’s suggested seam sewing method and it worked wonderfully. I only needed a normal sewing machine to finish these pieces.
Tested the shape shorts with some stash fabric.
The shaping shorts are made from poly/lycra that was in my stash and swimwear elastic. So now I need to get the right FOE picot elastic, powermesh and matching lace in nude and black colours to take this to a more useable/wearable make (on my sewing notion shopping list). These patterns don’t take long to sew together.

Mum used to wear ‘steppings’ or a girdle when she was a social butterfly in the 60s and 70s. Now we call these ‘shapewear’.

…Then the day after I made these two test pieces, I felt compelled to make the waist cincher in the stash poly/lycra fabric. No boning sew into it but I did sew on the tummy panel. Just a straight size T with a firmer tummy control powermesh panel. 

So I then wore my Burda wrap dress to work with the waist cincher on.
At the beginning of the day, the base of the waist cincher kept rolling upwards so I placed my ‘hose’ over the top of the cincher and the ‘rolling up’ stopped. All day I had this cheeky smile on my face because I didn’t let a soul know what I was testing/wearing. I mean – would you? #Not likely.

At the end of the day my torso and lower back felt well supported I could still eat normally and breath normally.

So my notion shopping list has now expanded to include boning.

And this all started because of that news item.


  1. What a great idea! I find RTW shapwear really restrictive and if I leave them on too long they give me a tummy ache, I'll bet making my own would be a great improvement. Thanks for the review!


  2. I always wear Shapewear under my dresses – aside from covering up VPL, I always stand and sit up straighter when wearing it. I've never thought of making it though – I love seeing all the things you make Maria!


  3. I wasn't too sure about this post so I'm glad you've enjoyed it Kristy. I did get to buy some more notions so I hope to have some prettier versions soon.


  4. Interesting post. I've often wondered but about sewing – the rtw ones never fit right and therefore are more uncomfortable than they need to be. I would not have thought that you would have much that needs shaping, with all your toned muscles, but I guess everyone is allowed a secret!


  5. Thank you for the compliment. I do wear the shape wear when I want a sleeker look. As did my Mum and she was very svelte.


  6. I have this pattern but have been so unsure as to what fabric to use that it's put me off! I don't wear shapewear as I find it uncomfortable and thought making it might be a good idea. Some I have bought rolls down at the waist and up at the legs and that drives me to distraction – I've never been sure if that's due to fit, fabric, or whether it would happen anyway due to style. Looking forward to future posts.


  7. I was surprised how the waist cincher rolled upwards and not from the top down. I thought this may have been because the base wasn't quite the right width. Hopefully adding the boning will help.


  8. Came back to say I just went online and ordered it. I can see the possibilities already..shapewear made to fit or longer leg pants for a relative of mine who gets thigh rub in summer…


  9. I think you'll get a lot of use out of this pattern. I've now bought some pretty stretch lace to use on the leg hem. Let me know when you have a go at making this pattern. I'd love to hear your take on it:)


  10. This looks like a useful pattern. Having lost 10 kgs in 8 weeks I'm not keen to get back into shapewear, but like high rise underwear to prevent VPL!


  11. The idea of making shapewear never crossed my mind before, though I have been thinking of trying to “take in” some shapewear I bought that was too big. It sounds like your “real deal” will be very pretty!


  12. Hi there. I love this! I was thinking of making some shapewear using a bike shorts and costume pattern combo. Don't ask. I think this will be a much easier way to go. BTW-just caught up on all the sewing you've been doing. Fantastic work!!!


  13. I didn't know this pattern existed but then not sure I would have thought to make any. Of course now it is a different story!


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