Keep cup

I just got a new Keep Cup – my reusable ‘take away’ cup. My first one lasted three years.

Original on the left. New cup on right

Mr V bought me my first Keep Cup when I already had my normal cup to buy take away coffee with. But this cup became part of my daily work things like making sure I have my security pass with me every day. I had to have this cup with me everyday for any ‘hot beverage’ situation.

Over time, my colleagues bought one for themselves to use too and we’ve created a morning coffee club.
But in the last month, the lid became so loose, the coffee would drip when the lid was on.
So I had to replace my faithful Keep cup. 
Keep Cup upgraded their lid design so the lid has a double seal and the coffee spout is bigger to drink from. You can see the original cup colour is only just starting to fade.
Why did I buy the same colours? So my barista wouldn’t need to relearn my coffee order. She smiled when I used this cup last week. And I still love these colours. 

Keep Cup replaced my cup for me because I’m an ‘early adopter’ and long time Keep Cup used. From their calculator, by using my cup for 3 years instead of using disposable cups about 7 times a week, I’ve saved 15kg of landfill or 364 disposable cups per year. Thank you Keep Cup.


  1. Oh! I love your story! I hope you inspire people to follow your example. But even if one person starts using a recipient for drinks, it can make such a difference! XXX


  2. I love keep cups – I have (cough) a few…. and they now have glass ones, so I can have a cuppa here at home & not worry about it being pulled onto little people & spilling – and it stays warm long enough to finish it. I love that they support community organisations too who can get their details on the band


  3. The balloons are creeping me a little too…

    We have some of the original beige keep cups from about two weeks after they started selling them! My cargo bike has a special cup holder for one. Somehow the standard bidon is not quite right for the cargo bike.


  4. I have a keep cup for work which is invaluable. Never has a little one knocked my cup of tea as I walk from the staff room to my classroom 🙂 Glad to see you got three years out of yours. Mine is practically 'new' at 12 months of age 🙂


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