Alameda skirt

The Alameda skirt is very pretty and this skirt and top fabric is courtesy of Pitt Trading. The wrap top is New Look as I know this top works for me. 

It’s winter here, hence the boots.

I’ll make the Alameda crop top once our weather warms up with a peplum finish to wear on ‘date nights’. I love the versatility of Pauline’s pattern. Remember the dress?

I chose these strong colours because they’re quiet warm and striking. 

One thing that I love about this Alameda is adding piping. So I got stuck into making matching piping and below is my ‘join the bias’ sewing picture.

How could your motivation wane when you’re using such a great rich-colour fabric?  

Below is the pic of the zipper foot used to sew in the piping cord into the bias strip before sewing the piping on the edge of the skirt seam allowance. 

Pining the finished piping onto the skirt seam allowance was a bit nerve wracking but very doable. The plan to have a great finish on this skirt (and the dress earlier) worked well.

Below is how the seam looks once the piping is sewn onto the skirt seams.

You’ll also notice I’ve ironed on strips of interfacing to prepare the centre back seam for an exposed zipper. Only the metal teeth were exposed this time and not the full zipper tape.

Here’s what the external preparation was like. 

I did pin the zipper to the outside to see what version I wanted to use.

This is what I decided upon. 

The inside seams were trimmed back and pinked.

The original plan was to apply an exposed zipper on the dress. I used the skirt to test constructing the exposed zipper after making the chiffon dress.

This blue fabric is light weight but very stable for applying this zipper finish so if you want to try applying an exposed zipper to Alameda, be brave and make up the skirt first. 

Twirling for joy

If you’ve already bought Alameda, the skirt is fast to sew up.

Thanks for Pauline for this versatile pattern and Pitt Trading for these fabrics and notions. They’re both spot on.


  1. Lovely skirt – great twirl there Maria! Gotta love a twirly skirt. Great top too. I have that fabric (top) in a red colour way. Love what you have done with yours.


  2. Love this outfit Maria. The colours and style look great on you. The piping on the skirt is lovely, I'm slightly obsessed with piping recently!


  3. What a great twirl to that skirt! I love the bright colours for brightening up winter! Thanks for the tutorial about making the piping and how to use the zip foot.


  4. What gorgeous, vibrant colours!! This outfit looks really lovely, I love a bit of piping, its so special!


  5. Thanks Sophie. Winter deserves a bit of colour.
    Any type of fusing tape helps make the piping easier to sew with. I'll keep an eye out for your makes.


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