Winifred wonder

Winifred is a simple dress style and I thought this would be a good transitional dress through autumn.

Winifred is designed for cotton and cotton blends, lawn, batiste, shirting, linen voile etc. I felt Winifred could be made for a travel version using fabric that doesn’t crease. 

I’m always thinking of making clothes that are light to pack, easy to slip on and don’t show creases for potential holidays. #futureproject

I do like the back detailing.
 Based on my shape and height, the front inverted pleats needed to finish at the waist and the skirt had to be whittled to be a slimmer, straighter style.
This shows my full bust adjustment and additional pocket
The test version showed me the skirt needed to be slimmer and I went up a size (cough, cough) as the shoulders were tight. I’ve since reused the fabric for the test version. 
Here’s the straighter skirt version using large cotton print bought in Singapore a few years ago.
A bit of careful cutting helped keep this print balanced on this dress. 
This dress is Dolly Clackett worthy because it’s fun. 

Assembling PDF patterns is now just another pattern preparation step in most of my sewing projects.
I ignored the centre back seam to keep the floral print in one piece. The belt was cut with a floral print across it and I’ve used a slim sliver belt buckle.
And as this dress is go easy to wear, it deserved pockets.
Then I dived into the fabric stash and found a blingful, black cotton fabric for this next version.
I did a slight FBA on this version because I wanted more room ‘up top’ and there’s a very clever FBA instruction on the Blueginger doll website that kept the kimono sleeve intact.
The back was placed on the fold and the top of the centre back fold is a minor pleat so the collar didn’t need adjusting.

I love the wing collar! 
This neckline was lowered by 5cm. 

There’s a decent explanation of how to adjust the neckline and collar on Blueginger doll’s website too. 

I didn’t want to shorten the sleeves by hemming, so I used an off-white bias satin tape to compliment the bling lines.
This version was cut out a piece at a time to keep the bling features balanced across my shoulders and on the wing collar. 

Love that wing collar!!!


  1. Both dresses are beautiful I love the orange print version. I have been thinking about this pattern for few days, I think I am just going to go for it.


  2. Ooooo ! I love the black version! I always look forward to seeing what you will make next. You never disappoint!


  3. You've been stitching faster than I can get through my blog feed (: This is such a lovely dress – I like the combination of slit neck with kimono sleeve, and I actually prefer your slimmer skirt. With the pleats, it's almost a tulip silhouette.


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