It’s still Summer

It’s still quite hot and I’m sure summer ended at the end of February. Yet it’s still stiflingly humid. Training in the morning outside before the sun comes up (yes I know that’s crazy anyway), the humidity is so heavy even the mozzies are weighed down.

Here’s my version of the Summer Street dress by Pattern Review. Dress designed by Deepika and Maria Denmark digitised and drafted this pattern. Pattern courtesy of Deepika. Pose – somewhat like a pageant contestant 🙂 

Fabric purchased from Pitt Trading at an end of season sale.

Yes, I cut the hem is a bit high on this test version than I’m comfortable wearing but this is a summer street dress after all. 
More leg that I bargained for 🙂

And no, I won’t be putting my hands on my hips – point taken.

Overnight my skirt grew by 5cm. Isn’t that a neat trick.

The skirt join has gathers and I’ve used pleats to flatten the look. 
This dress is a cinch to cut and finish in an afternoon.

I’ve kept back hem is slightly lower than the front. It’s just a ‘thing’ I do. Not fashion.
I spliced the centre front of the bodice to practice using the print to form a v-shape. 
And that’s how simple this dress is to work with.

Beth of SunnyGal Studio Sewing made a Vogue knit dress last week (great work as always) and she links to a Threads video on applying neck binding. I’ll be using this technique next time.


  1. Such a cute dress – you look fabulous in it. I'm looking forward to going to Pitt St Trading so I can snaffle some lovely fabrics as well!


  2. I just posted a summer dress too – I'm seriously hoping for some cool weather soon because this humidity and heat is awful! Your dress is lovely, I actually like the black band across the bottom because it echoes the black neckband and looks like a deliberate design element!


  3. I think summer temps still have a few more weeks to go, unfortunately! The heat and humidity are hanging around a tad too long this year. Love the dress, and giggled at how it grew overnight. Great mixing of the print with the plain ~ you will get a lot of wear out of this dress … J


  4. Hi Maria, what a cute dress! Love your use of the direction of the fabric. I LOVE your MMMay14 pledge BTW, sooooo interesting. I'm sure it'll be really illuminating, I can't wait to see what you find out. Awesome to have you taking part again this year. Zoe xxx


  5. I agree with you about the humidity – it's very draining. Love this little dress – and you could wear it over leggings as the evenings cool down, along with a little cardi.


  6. Admiring your dress has led to me fixing my computer, so thanks for more than displaying such a smart version of this pattern! It turns out that the newest version of disqus is not compatible with the non current version (one whole update ago) of firefox, so that is why I couldn't comment. Thanks for checking it out at your end when it was all a problem at my end.


  7. Love how you added the length and this is a great summer dress. Oh those mozzies and dark mornings, we will get a break soon!


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