Resized Vogue 8827

This dress looks dreamy to me. After reading a stack of reviews about this dress, I had to test it, to see if this really was a dreamy dress.

The fabric used for the top below is an IKEA furnishing cotton fabric. It has a huge, jumbled print. This isn’t something that style gurus say petite or short women should wear. I’m short and I choose to wear this print. I consider this a different way to wear a ‘white shirt’.

This fabric is similar to what I’d like to use for this dress. I chose to make this into a top to check the fit above the waist. The pattern is fairly big so my hip width wasn’t going to influence the skirt part of this pattern.

My eldest niece took these pics and she’s done a great job.

This is the 6 size. The main tightness is in the sleeves and the shoulder line so the next version will be made using the 8 size. I’ve changed the gathers at the back yolk to an inverted pleat for more control. The usual roll shoulder adjustment was used.
What concerned me was the collar size so I trimmed it down for the dreamy dress – to come. The collar folds sit nicely on me and no interfacing was used or needed. I would used interfacing if I decide to make this in a softer fabric.

The neat thing is this top worked well with RTW shorts on a stinking hot Spring day (36c). Here are the technical bits about this top.


  1. It's lovely! Given you've used a furnishing cotton instead of drapey stuff perhaps the size of the collar wouldn't make as much difference is softer fabric i.e. it would drape downwards rather than stick out so you would get folds and stuff happening rather than stiffness. The folds look nice in the pattern pic so maybe you wouldn't need to interface it..


  2. Oh Maria I LOVE this! The cotton gives the flounce such wonderful body, and I think the oversized print looks great in a pattern like this. So much nicer than the pattern sleeve envelope. You've got me eye-ing off this pattern now!


  3. I love the blouse Maria – large collar as well. I think the fabric and collar work well together – although this sort of collar is much more dramatic than the soft waterfall collar shown in the pattern picture. It gives the blouse a jacket feel. I have the pattern too – you have just moved it up my “to sew”list 🙂


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