A funny thing happened to me before I went to the gym

Long story short – I needed a workout top with a zip and I sewed a zip in a RTW cycling top at 5am in the morning.

4 weeks earlier: When I train, I like to keep track of the energy I use ie KCals, and I track what I eat. Most of this I manage with DailyBurn

DH bought me the Wahoo gym/run pack and I decided to use it for the 6am commando class.

2 days earlier: Kristen at Wahoo (now a dear friend of the family) helped me get the Wahoo gadgets to work through my iPhone. What doesn’t an iPhone do? Sew.

Monday morning 5:00am: I was dressing for the gym and I realised for the Wahoo to work I have to have the phone on me because we run all over the grounds like lunatics and holding a car tyre above our heads. 

5:05am: I rustled through my cycling tops to find one with a back zipper pocket. There were none with a zippered pocket but they all have back pockets.

5:10am: I grabbed one of my well-used cycling tops to sew in a zip so that I could leave home by 5:45am. Who would do such a thing?? It had to be a well-used top because I always come home with grass and dirt stains.

I grabbed a short black zip from the stash and sewed one side of the zip on the pocket edge. Wrong. I unpicked it and sewed the zip on the body first then the pocket edge. It worked.

 5:45am: Jumped in the car and headed to the gym – on time and not flustered.

6:00am: The trainer smiled – he knew why my iphone was in my back pocket. My ‘Wahoo’ app worked as did my upgraded cycling top. I’m proud of the car tyre marks on my cycling top, LOL.

This zip is exposed because it runs across 2 pockets.

Ok. The same thing happened this morning (see the blue top) but during the week I only need 2 tops with zips for commando class to track my training. This time I’ve used an exposed zip and my job here is done.


  1. 5 am is pretty early but well done! Knowing how to sew is always useful! I remember I was once making a belt to wear an hour before having to leave for the airport for an international flight. 🙂


  2. As the Management always says to me 'If it weren't for the last minute panic where would you be?'
    Well done and respect on doing commando training!


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