Tame tiger – McCalls 6243

What’s there not to love about a dress made of ponte? Or even 2 types of ponte – a solid and an animal print. And an animal print that fits in with Jungle January?
I made View B, with 2 zips at the front. Check out the hem length on this picture.

I know ponte is usually seen as a winter fabric but with the hot weather we’ve had this week, I say phoowee to that idea.
So I’ve gone for a tame tiger version and the dress fits.

And I did add the back zip for a nicer fit.

While this pattern has been out for a couple of years, it’s taken me that long to get to it. While the hem length is mid thigh on the model, it’s the right length for this kitty kat.

BTW: I’m so glad to be sewing real clothes again. I’m so not a bag lady.
PS: Another meow is on the way with some fabric from my stash and a recent trip to Melbourne. I surprised myself.
PPS: I do eat raw red capsicum now BeaJay:)


  1. This is awesome. It looks very chic and I like how there seems to be only one diagonal seam until you see the zipper tab. Looks like a great day/ night use garment.
    When I read tiger I scrolled very quickly thinking of the blue flower/ tiger fabric you picked up the day we met up XD


  2. Great mixing of fabrics to go with this pattern! Just perfect for Jungle January…is the little zipper in the front functional, or decorative – it looks super…J


  3. Oopps! Just went off to bookmark this pattern, and it is McCall's 6243, not 6234- unless you are wanting a pink poodle instead of the zipper – creative idea, but not fashionable what-so-ever…J


  4. Love love love your dress. It is so stylish – I love the classy way you have dealt with the animal fabric. And the zip at the front is great. Love it.

    Glad you are over the capsicum dislike – Not many in my family eat it but I love it.


  5. I would say “elegant interpretation” of the Jungle theme, rather than tame. This dress has incredible subtle appeal, the sort of dress that does not scream and yell for attention but definitely gets a second glance for all the interesting details. What a terrific use of the animal print and zipper embellishment.


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