Biryani by DH

We love visiting local market stalls and DH picked up a lime chutney from a market in Canberra and he’s been wanting to make an Indian meal for a while. I bought this enamel pan from Aldi recently and DH has been using this for lots of his recipes. This biryani dish was one of them. 

The poppadoms (bought from a local Indian grocer), the mango chutney and lime chutney made more authentic for us.
DH did add a chicken curry onto the menu for the night so you could say we had a smallish banquet.
The biryani masala paste from the same local indian grocer was the basis for this dish.
Here’s the recipe on the label.
Recipe: For 1/2 kg rice, add required quantity of water, 200g cut vegetables (of your choice) required salt, 3 tsp ghee, 3tsp Priya Biryani masala paste and cook. Mix well and serve hot.
Optional: If desired add few stems of coriander leaves and mint leaves.
DH added pieces of leftover roast lamb.
Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. DH added 3 tablespoons of the paste so it really did taste like the real deal.

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