What a difference a hem makes

At Rhodes ASG, Sharon kindly pinned the hem on two of my dresses. They went from matronly to woo hoo in 4″ or 10cm so I raised the hems of the tulip and bias dresses. Funnily enough, when they are on a hanger on the door handle, the hems just touch carpet, so maybe that’s my measure in future. Now they’re not cougar length just woo hoo length. Alison, you were right about the length.

On another front, a friend who gets out more than I do when nuts over my pleather jacket. When I mentioned how this was a practice jacket for a future leather jacket I could see leather jacket stars in his eyes. It was such a scream because he checked out my jacket and kept caressing it. I thought I’d share that with you. Ok, so this was the end of a heavy eating/drinking session but I couldn’t stop laughing with him.

Proud Grandmother and father of the groom
Do you remember this outfit?
It was a chilly Spring day so I wore the coat I made for special occasions. And this wedding counted as a special occasion. Mum looked good. Her clothes were comfortable and she looked great from day and into the evening. We were really proud of the happy couple (it was their wedding) and our Mum.
BTW I wore Vogue 8280. The next family wedding is August next year and we both have our next wedding outfits made. I’m never that organised:) but I have committed to making my youngest niece a coat for her next year so she stays warm as flower girl.
TJ, I’m making up the gold dress this week.


  1. Niiiiice! Gotta show off those cycling gams XD Also, gold dress yay! Also better let the friend know (obliquely) that bespoke tailoring is rare and precious (ahem ahem) XD


  2. Your dresses were lovely to start with but with the hems raised it shows off all your hard cycling work ! I had a favourite skirt which was mid calf made in the 90s but now decidedly frumpy but when I cut off alot of cms it is now one of my favourite skirts again !


  3. Wow! Amazing difference, huh? It's the type of thing that never seems to matter, but when you SEE it, you think, “That is soooo much better!” Thanks for demonstrating & glad it was a fun wedding.

    I can't believe you made your mom's clothing, too.


  4. Love the new hem terminology! All three dresses look great! Loved the jacket story and your mum looks very happy and stylish! I have some skirts I need to alter to woo hoo length…


  5. Your outfits are always gorgeous and I can't believe shortening the hems would have made such a difference. I love that coat. And please, don't tell Alison she was right – again.


  6. The new hem length is definitely the way to go for you! you have terrific legs and they are well worth showing off 🙂
    Thanks for you comment; you've given me a terrific idea; I am next going to try making limoncello, but with oranges! I'll have to think of a new name for it though… thanks for the idea!


  7. You are so right about the length being so important. I have recently noticed at me in my daughter's wedding pictures and looking at the dress I wore to my son's wedding reception that both of my dresses definitely need to be shortened. I am not very tall and a hemline can make a lot of difference.

    Love your blog.



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