Quick topper

The mags and books that I bought from Taunton’s arrived yesterday. The box they came in was a bit worse for wear and the Postie shook the box when he handed it to me and asked me what was in it. Funny guy. He then asked me if I was a teacher.
I bought Sew Stylish Spring 2007 #1, Fall 2007 #2, Winter 2007 #3, Summer 2007 #1, Winter 2009, Winter 2010, Little Green dresses and Betzina’s Power Sewing on sale.
Ok, so this morning  just after 5am I had to check that our work website was updated. And it was. It was a major update. Yippee. With my excitment, there was no way I was going to get more sleep so I decided to trial a topper (bolero style) from Sew Stylish (Spring 2007) that I’d read yesterday. Below is the fabric folded in half 50 inches by 30 inches. Then it’s folded in half. The side cut is my attempt at the sleeve curve – freehand. 

The instructions suggest you then fold it into ‘quarters’ and then cut the sleeve curve. Below is how it’s folded in quarters. Then you only need to cut the sleeve underarm curve. The style I chose was the dancer’s sweater.

I love the colour of this fabric but it’s not a favourite fabric, so I’ve used this fabric to see if the instructions and my adjustments worked. The finishings of such a small and quick piece still confounded me so after rummaging through my notion stash, I decided to go with no trim at all. Just a simple single fold and straight stitch.

Instead of 50 inches long, mine version is 45 inches long. The width is 30 inches but the side view pic shows that the back has some bulk, so I could make this about 28 inches next time.
This shot is supposed to show you the arm shape, but I feel like I’m about to start dancing the Zorba. WOopha!

UFO Grey pants

Last night I had a go an adjusting these pants. The fabric is a slight stretch woven. I have similar grey work jackets and I needed a grey pair of pants that fit. Unfortunately the side pockets again gaped too much for my liking. So I took them out. You can see the pocket shape I used on the front in the picture below. The lighter grey fabric is the pocket lining. I ran out of the grey wool fabric.

I think I am addicted to sewing because I woke up at 5am and finished these pants. What was bugging me was the amount of slack or billowing that was happening down both sides of the leg. Last night I eased our 2cm from the outer leg and 1cm from the inner leg. There’s still a bit of bulk so I’ll ease this out another time.
I think the next step is going to be to try a new pattern with a slim fit leg. So after making x number of pants this year, I’ve learnt lots about pocket placement, a bit more about fit and I think I can now attempt jeans. The back view still looks wedgie through. I’ll have to add a bigger butt curve. Now that’ll be fun.
Tip: When I took the waistaband off and cut the waist down to size, I put two safety pins mid way along the zipper, so I wouldn’t accidentally pull the zipper handle off the zipper. I’ve done that heaps of times before.

Back sewing

Sunday morning was when I sent in my last assignment. However I did get a chance to sew at Rhodes on Saturday because I could see the light at the end of the study tunnel. I worked on these pants (again) because they were sitting way too high on my waist (Harry-high-pants).
The pockets were not part of the pants pattern. They were my ‘interpretation’ of pockets that sit flat on my body. The original side seam pockets are not flattering so on Saturday I spent 4 hours dropping the waist line by 2.5cm placing the new pockets and then unpicking them and dropping the waistline again by 2 cm. I added the waistband and closure last night.

So today I wore these pants to work with heels and they felt comfortable. That’s really all I was aiming for. The grey pants are next…

Study break and ufos

How do you fit in study when you sew and go train? It’s not possible. We’ll it hasn’t been possible for me so I’ve had to down tools for three weeks to get some study out of the way (Diploma in Management). This has meant no sewing since 28 August and no training during the week. I have been able to fit in a bike ride on Saturday and Sunday mornings but I’m back by 8.30am. DH has been taking up the housework and my aim is to get through this by the end of September.

I haven’t been able to sew with my sewing buddies at all – ‘not happy Jan‘. I’ve missed two ASG Saturdays and I missed the all-day session with Connie Crawford. I’m missing self stitched September too – still not happy.
Below are my UFOs. The two pants need adjusting at the waist, that’s why you can see an unpicked waistband on the grey pair.

The top below is finished but I want to profile it with my green gear so there’s a skirt in the wings or I can wear this with my green pants. I’ve based this zip top on Kwik Sew 1997 and I’ve insert the zip because I wanted the zip feature. It’s not a feature on the pattern. 

Below is my toile Jalie skort. I’ve used stash fabric that I used on a rashie vest last year. Again I’ll profile this once I get some time and a top that works with it. I’m also finding it’s a bit cold for me to wear this and there’s no way I’ll have a tan when I do review it. I’m using my new coverpro on this skort to learn the basics and that’s also on hold until I get this study done.

Of the five modules I have to plough through I’ve managed to finish three and I hope to finish the 4th one by tomorrow night. Then there’s only one more module to get through and I’ll be back in the land of the living. Thanks for the blog break.