Maggy London b5418

This dress took a bit of time to pull together. There was no way I was going to attempt b5418 in one night. With the amount of gathers in the bodice, I would have had the quick un pick as my third hand. I’ve tried to style this dress with blue and black shoes.

Below are the front pleats. The vertical pleats fold over the side horizontal pleats. 
Below are the back neckline pleats.
The pic below shows how this dress would be great for someone who’s pregnant. There’s lots of room at the front. To overcome this volume, experiment and extend the front vertical gathers. With our humid days, I’m sticking with this version for the time being.

The fabric is from Knitwit and has two-way stretch. The other great thing with this dress is it has a ‘foundation piece’ under the bodice to give some support. The straps have pleating and should be wider on my shoulders, like the picture but they didn’t work out that way.
When you wear the short version with flat heels, it’s a basic beach dress so this style is adaptable, depending on the wearer/occassion.
The only adjustment was the hem length, so really this is a toile.


  1. I love the neckline gathers. It looks very well constructed. I know what you mean about the pregnant look, but on a really hot day a bit of room around the waist is not a bad thing. Do you have a belt you could use for cooler weather? The dress is very pretty either way.


  2. Hi,
    I recently acquired the pieces for this pattern but not the instructions, and I'm not experienced enough to try to make the dress without them! Is there any chance you could scan and upload them for me? I know it's a big ask but I thought I'd give it a go. Thanks heaps


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