Chanel No1 is done.

This little number is done. Yeah.
I avoid hand stitching but I couldn’t avoid it because of the braid and chunkiness of the fabric. I broke a record 5 sewing machine needles making this jacket. I have a couple of reddish skirts that I can wear with this but it’s even better with dark ink jeans.
While I was testing the braid placement, I took a few pictures to see whether it was too much, or not enough. You can also see that it took some unpicking to get the neckline right. It also took come unpicking to get the front hems to match at the zipper base. This was where I broke machine needle number 5. The neckline corners also took some unpicking and remachining to get the neckline corners right too.
I love the heavy red lining. Just love it. This is truly a remant fabric jacket. The braid and zipper are new.
As soon as I make a top, I’ll add some real life pictures.

Boxy jacket no 2 – McCalls 5007

Here’s a pattern that’s now OOP but I’ve only just opened it. Isn’t that always the case?
McCalls 5007 is another jacket that I thought was cute and could be handy.

I used Angie’s help getting the fit of this right too. This was my first choice for a chanel jacket. Oh well. Now I know that I have to wear more structured clothes.

The back now has darts so that it fits better at the back.
The fabric was a Pitt Trading remnant, so I’m not sure of its makeup but I loved the colour and the embellishment.

chanel-ish jacket – burda 5018

Over the past few months, the Rhodes sewing group has had the pleasure of Angie Zimmerman’s expertise in jacket fitting. I fell off the jacket wagon with myVanuatu trip sewing, and Saturday I hopped back on the wagon.
Here’s where I’m at with this jacket at the moment. The aim was to make a chanel jacket but even Angie said the boxy style did nothing for me so I’ve added darts below the front bust and two darts at the back.
Here’s where I’m kind of stuck. This fabric is bulky and has a very open weave. The colours are not wallflower colours so I’m trying to choose a braid/finish that works.
My other decision is the neckline. Do I go for a tight v-neckline or an open v neckline?
I went for a white zipper because I couldn’t find a match but there’s white in the weave and one of the braids has pink and white in it. See what I have to decide on? Great huh? Happy to take style suggestions.
The lining is a deep bold red and I’ve interfaced the fabric with white armoweft. My elnapress has been having a great workout with this pattern.  The fabric is a left over from a coat I made years ago. The fabric was a great find at Pitt Trading.

Walnut cake

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to host an afternoon tea for my family. I was planning on making a Greek walnut cake but the recipe I had was full of eggs. I was gobsmacked. Not that I have a cholesterol problem so I took the basic cake recipe from the commonsense cookery book and added walnuts and cinnamon, with a dash of baking powder. I topped it with chopped almonds.

As you can see, I added too much baking powder but it was still so good…

mince sauce

There are times when I get organised and cook ahead of time. Now these times can be rare at times, so while working on a new recipe, I threw together a quick mince sauce to be frozen for later.

This recipe is simple:
Chopped onions and crushed garlic are sauteed in some olive oil. Then I added the mince. In this instance it was a blend of pork and beef mince. Then I added in a tin of chopped tomatoes with some chopped fresh tomatoes. To allow the sauce to simmer, I put in 1 cup of chicken stock and pepper. Once the sauce has reduced, it cools and then is put into containers for freezing.