B5497 – Trial

This top was planned to be complete for Christmas but wasn’t. This week I made it up quickly at Sharon’s place without elastic due to bad planning on my part. As you can see, View A is V-neckline for the front view and back view.
 I don’t normally wear dolman sleeves but I thought that short dolman sleeves might work. The elastic is used on the sleeve head seams to keep the gathers in place. This pattern also uses elastic on the mid bodice seam below the bust, using the seam allowance as the elastic casing. I used size 6 top and size 12 bodice but I’ll used size 10 bodice next time.


The bodice length works (minus 10cm). This top really needs the elastic on the sleeves because the sleeves fall to my elbows and the sleeves should end just off the shoulders. Since finishing this top, I’ve taken 2cm out of the front and back V-neckline. I also shortened the back tie piece by 2cm. 

The next version has these adjustments and the bodice is now dress length. This white fabric was a Pitt Trading remnant so this top has cost me $1 and 4 hours to make. I did use the Coverpro for the hem finishes so I’m using this top as Coverpro practice as well. When I wore this top version, the neckline and sleeves kept moving around so I was determined to make this style work. 
This version was made on New Years Eve and worn on New Years day at the movies. We saw Tower Heist and it was fun to watch (not Gold Class). We saw Bill Cunningham earlier in the week. The top fits perfectly and doesn’t move. It now has elastic in the shoulders and around the bodice. These pics were taken by DH. The fabric was a clearance piece from Spotlight so this dress might have cost $7 in total and took 5 hours to make, including cutting out and getting the print placement right. Using the Coverpro on the hemline was brilliant. I always split the hem stitching climbing into cars. This time, I didn’t split hem stitching climbing into the 4wd.


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