T-shirt test

What's there to test. It's just a t-shirt right?SAF-T POCKETS T-Shirt Trifecta #2014 offers 3 views, zipper pockets, sleeve options and you can mix the patterns up and tailor them to your needs or Mum's need for pockets. That's why I bought this pattern.There's always some aspect that independent pattern companies offer to set themselves … Continue reading T-shirt test

Minoru jacket done

Ta dah! Armoweft, seam tape, topstitching, inserted zippers, binding finishes, inside pockets, flat felled seam, single welt pocket, binding machine, french seams on  chiffon, gathers, elastic casing waist, elastic sleeve cuff, embroidered edge hood, inbuilt jacket hanging loop, more reinforcing.I can finally stop thinking about each construction step. It's been doing my head in trying … Continue reading Minoru jacket done