m5525 – shoulder detailing

Epaulets and shoulder detailing makes a trench more trench worthy. And the options for finishing these did delay construction time.  There are no buttons on these epaulets because they don’t show up under the collar.

Then there’s the question – add shoulder pads? or not? Thankfully this pattern has set in sleeves so I added shoulder pads but the padding wasn’t the traditional shoulder pad shape.

I thought the shape similar to a sleeve head shape would work better because it’s more likely that I’ll be wearing this trench coat with work jackets that have shoulder pads. I thought I might look like I was becoming a gridiron football player, with 2 sets of shoulder pads by the time I put my trench coat on.

And I’m short so I’d look like the shortest gridiron player ever.

Oh, and I did add the right front shoulder detail although lots of trench coats have front detailing on both shoulders.
Go to Peggy Sagers webcast on Trench Coats Part II – Construction and Finishing for some good details on finishing your trench. She show you industry techniques.

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