Jalie shapewear

Shapewear. Do you bother wearing shapewear? Would you make shapewear? Well it was a slow news day when this article came up last week. So I reacted to this ‘celebrity secret’ in a sewing way.

Control brief with tummy panel on the left and shape shorts on the right
If you’ve sewn activewear, shapewear is easy enough to achieve. Jalie 2572 has been in my pattern stash for a while so as I’m sewing a bunch of activewear at the moment, I thought my current sewing skills could handle sewing shapewear. 

I was curious about the techniques and fit so while these test pieces look ‘questionable’, they do fit. I used size ‘T’. This control brief has a stretchy powermesh body and a more stable power mesh tummy control panel. I follow Jalie’s suggested seam sewing method and it worked wonderfully. I only needed a normal sewing machine to finish these pieces.
Tested the shape shorts with some stash fabric.
The shaping shorts are made from poly/lycra that was in my stash and swimwear elastic. So now I need to get the right FOE picot elastic, powermesh and matching lace in nude and black colours to take this to a more useable/wearable make (on my sewing notion shopping list). These patterns don’t take long to sew together.

Mum used to wear ‘steppings’ or a girdle when she was a social butterfly in the 60s and 70s. Now we call these ‘shapewear’.

…Then the day after I made these two test pieces, I felt compelled to make the waist cincher in the stash poly/lycra fabric. No boning sew into it but I did sew on the tummy panel. Just a straight size T with a firmer tummy control powermesh panel. 

So I then wore my Burda wrap dress to work with the waist cincher on.
At the beginning of the day, the base of the waist cincher kept rolling upwards so I placed my ‘hose’ over the top of the cincher and the ‘rolling up’ stopped. All day I had this cheeky smile on my face because I didn’t let a soul know what I was testing/wearing. I mean – would you? #Not likely.

At the end of the day my torso and lower back felt well supported I could still eat normally and breath normally.

So my notion shopping list has now expanded to include boning.

And this all started because of that news item.