Jungle January @ Prttynpnk

Anne (Prttynpnk) from Pretty Grievances has launched a festival parade of animal print for January (and maybe the following months??). I was a lucky Pattern Pyramid recipient this year and I really need to make up one of these dress – so now I’ll aim to make an animal print dress in January.

If you haven’t read Pretty Grievances, you should because Anne is a sewer who’s blog posts and designer reviews are an absolute scream. I love ready her Wednesday fashion reviews the most. These and her sewing reviews are not to be missed. There’s even a flickr group.

Here are my animal print pieces last year ie 2012.

PJ bottoms (2 pairs)
Not quiet animal print for clothing. The littlest niece loves her pillow and hugs this to sleep.

 Lining in the leather handbag.

I recently bought a ‘winter ponte’ animal fabric on sale at Spotlight so this could be made into a McCalls 6243 shift dress with zips. Could. It’s an option.

I have the zips and the fabric/s.
I’m tossing up whether to go full animal print or partly animal with a solid colour.