MMM14 thanks

Minerva Crafts UK, Pitt Trading, Lolita patterns, Pattern Review and Fehr Trade have been very generous to me and I wanted to say thank you this week. There are more people I have to thank and I’ll do this next week too.
Day 12

I’m deliriously happy with my new working wardrobe supported by Minerva Crafts UK and this photo was taken on the way to buy a morning coffee. Why wouldn’t you be happy when you sew with lovely fabric and enjoy a good cuppa.

New Look 6214 dress
Vogue 8931 jacket

In the morning I wore PB Jam leggings and Kwik Sew 3567 top (not blogged yet).

Day 13
The day began with a visit to the dentist and then I spent the rest of the day recovering. If I was taller, I would have blended in with this painting.

This Minerva test top (with Pattern Magic collar) and self-drafted skirt made with leftover Minerva fabric felt a bit big on me. I probably made them too big in the summer because of the humidity. That night I took out this extra room from both pieces. My unpicker and I are great friends again.

These pieces now they fit better – hurrah!

Day 14
Another Minerva trouser make and the new Lolita Olive top. I love wearing strong colours. I haven’t needed to wear the Minerva jacket because our beautiful Sydney weather is teasing us with some lovely warmth.

Before work I adjusted the front waistband so these trousers finally sat in the right spot. They were feeling baggy but they now sit nicely.

Day 15

Here’s Pattern Review’s Winter Street dress made with fabric and notions provided by Pitt Trading.

As a ‘run-of-the-mill-home-sewer’, all of this sewing assistance keeps me creative and out of my lovely husband’s hair.

Thank you.

Remnants – my case ‘Your Honour’

Why are remnant fabrics my weakness? Maybe it’s because they’re a challenge. Finding a pattern to suit the amount of fabric I’ve found is a challenge.

Vogue 8815 test using Cue remnants from Pitt Trading

Do remnant fabrics ignite my passion for puzzle solving? Should I see a shrink about trawling for fabric especially when the sign on the basket says ‘designer remnants’?

Original Charlie Brown remnant fabric from Pitt Trading

The case in my defence remains, remnants are a low risk purchase to test a future pattern. Making a pattern fit usually means testing it out. Using calico to test a pattern for knit fabric or stretch wovens doesn’t work.

This Charlie Brown abstract knit looked too big for a shortie like me, but I tried to used the main print where it made sense. I bought this fabric at Pitt Trading a few years ago.

See where the longest part of the print is? I’ve used New Look 6149 for this top.

And I’ve kept the front ‘clean’ at the waist. I love my Minerva black jeans.

Below is the second knit remnant I bought ages ago at Pitt Trading. Both prints were from Charlie Brown. The main buying guide I used was to choose strong colours for possible wearable toiles and at the time of purchase, I hadn’t made the purple skinny jeans below.

Test #1: This top above was my attempt at recreating a RTW top. The shaping didn’t come out as planned. The neckline gaped so I added knit lace so the neckline and armholes sat properly. This print gave me a practice at matching the print at the side seam and balancing it on me.
Test 2: New Look 6940 was tested using this fabric. Again, testing it with this fabric confirmed the fit and I got to play with print placement.

And the Bomber jacket above was made using an Ikea remnant. This jacket is a keeper.

Test 3: I used this remnant again to test the bodice for the PR Winter dress. I wasn’t sure about the neckline or shoulder fit. I was also curious about the waistline.  

So once I put this top together, I had just enough fabric left to put a band at the base of the top.

I rest my case ‘Your Honour’. 

Have a lovely Easter break everyone.