Alexa: a TNT tee

Alexa T-Top is a wardrobe staple and my new TNT tee by Tessutis. This comfortable t-shirt features self neckline binding, a slight flare at hips and 4 sleeve length options, short/cap, elbow, 3/4 and full length. 
I made the small size and used the petite length. I’ll use the normal length for winter tops.

The Alexa instruction book uses big font, real photos and the steps are in a logical order to achieve a no-fuss tee. The pattern is hand drawn and has a nostalgic feel to it.

My adjustments:
Roll shoulders
Sway back
Petite hem length

I traced off both the long and short sleeve lengths.

Basic Alexa 
This first version is the small size but uses the normal length hem. This hem length will be good for winter tops and the petite length is handy for my height.

Below shows the sway back centre back seam to give a nicer shaped fit to the back.

Neckline close up

I’ve used one of the striped sections to keep the black/white feature at my neckline.


This time Alexa has the petite length hem and a v-neckline from McCalls 6247.

V-neck close up has a ‘trekkie’ feel to it.

Centre back view with sway back again.

So then I used a trekkie type fabric…

Just for the fun of it.
Minerva meetup Hiya!
And speaking for about ‘for the fun of it’, a big hiya to all the Minerva bloggers, Minerva family and staff, Minerva crafting group and lovely locals who came to the Minerva Meet up on Saturday.

It’s taken me a few days for it all to start sinking in. #stillinawe

What a weekend! Photos to come but a huge hug to you all from myself and Mr V (Ross).
Forever grateful to have met you all!!!!

Jaywalk polo tops

Stripes and polo tops made sense to me, especially for weekend wear. The Jaywalk fabric from Tessutis was perfect for these tops.

I had been mulling about how to use this stripe fabric and created a Stripe pinterest board. And then I realised, I wear polo type tops on weekends anyway, hence a couple of Jaywalk tees.

Here’s where I started. The Alexa tee front piece is divided into 3 angled sections.
 I’ve numbered each section and sewn these together before sewing the top.
The top piece has the stripes running across the body so this was a key piece to get right.
Then I had to match up the stripes on the sleeve.
Here’s how I had to pin the centre back together.
The collar and collar facing were taken from Butterick 3386 that I’ve used before.
See how the lines match on the sleeve and under the sleeve?
Once I’d figured out the construction, I made this again.

And I promptly wore this version last weekend.

 Excuse this rear view.

Please feel free to make your own version.