Celebrating PR 12 years

Would you believe we held the Sydney English afternoon tea at the same time as the PR Day Little Black Dress Party in NYC?
Here’s the view of the chocolates on offer. Sydney turned on the warm sunny weather for us so we took the aircon option. 
Kristy and Beajay were the first arrivals in their just me-made afternoon tea outfits.  
From left to right: Kristy, Lena, Ryn, Sharon, Beajay, Renata, Janelle, Jenny, Wendy and moi. 
We paced ourselves with lots of sewing talk. The staff at Adora were great. 
The chocolate smash cake was a hit (sorry for the bad joke but you knew it was coming).
The cake contained lots of handmade chocolates.
Renata, Ryn and Kristy
Janelle and Wendy 
Gluten free high tea is not boring.
Janelle and Jenny 
Kristy and me.
We were very welcomed at the local fabric store too!
Many thanks for Deepika and the PR team for making Pattern Review a great resource for sewing. PR has so many sewing resources and people who have sewing knowledge and they are always willing to share their knowledge with anyone around the world. You can’t beat that!