Fix it weekend

There were a few DH ‘fix-it’ pieces to do last weekend. They had been building up so after finishing the red skirts, I decided to clean up and get these pieces out of the way. After sewing on seven buttons and hemming a couple of sleeves, I could get back to working on Mum’s polar jacket. Then I got diverted and adjusted grey wool pants that needed a bit of work. I took in the centre back seam and moved the back inseam 2.5 cm (3/4″) forward to take out some of the fullness. The front and sides are ok but there is still a bit of bulk at the back legs. That’s it from me with these pants, until I can make another pair from scratch.

Then I took to shortening a long black skirt that now fits but was way too long. This skirt had no edge for my taste so I’ve going to added a trim on the waist yolk to bring it back to life again. Here’s how it looks now.


I added the trim at the front. Then I took out some of the fullness at the sides and finally took up the hem. I’ve also worn a pair of new matt black boots that  bought in the states this year. The textured black tights were from Macy’s.


And winter has finally arrived.

Boardies – M5633

My beach wardrobe is still progressing thanks to the Queens B’day weekend. McCalls 5633 is another unused pattern that I tackled to make boardshorts.

I had a quick squiz at those who had made these before and low and behold Sue had shared her disappoinment with this pattern. Thanks for sharing your experiences Sue. You made me do a bit more planning.
This pattern is really high at the front and I took off 1cm from the centre front so I added a black ‘click together’ belt with black tape. The black tape is the sort of tape you find on backpacks, so this won’t be affected by saltwater.
I kind of misjudged the room I needed for my rear I resewed the back seam. There’s a dart at the back and I added this in to get a better fit.
Every seam edge is overlocked. The belt carriers and waistline are the biggest bugbears of this pattern. I would have preferred to add a waistband, and I’ll do this next time. I’ve also skipped the cuffs. The front zipper is a chunky plastic navy zip that was in my stash too.
I haven’t shortened the rashie, I’ve just rolled it under so you can see how the waistline fits.

When I tried to prewash the fabric, the water just beaded on it, so I’m sure it will be good when I’m in the surf.