Sleeves this time

Hi! Here’s a pre-op story…

Two years ago I made Simplicity 1357 twice because it’s perfect for hot, humid weather. 

As you can see below I still wear this little retro number using Spotlight fabric in a medium weight cotton.
I wore this pink version recently on Day 2 of Couture Sewing workshop run by Susan Khalje. Yes, I’m a big fan of Susan’s work. 
As an aside note in 2019 we might have Kenneth D King teach in Australia – fingers crossed 🙂

Below is the maxi version of this dress, also great for Summer bbqs using a John Kaldor print from Minerva Crafts.
This bold blue cotton print is one I bought from Spotlight a while ago at $8/m and I decided it was time to make this dress up with short sleeves, possibly as a work dress.

Admittedly I can wear loud dresses to the office from time to time but my aim was to create a weekend dress and not ‘workify it’. There is no such word as ‘workify’. I just made it up. A ‘work appropriate’ dress would be the correct term.
The key fit area I checked this time was across my high hip measurement and I used the same pattern as two years ago.
This photo features the hip with a pocket matching the pattern.
The challenge on this dress were the sleeves.
They have a couple of pleats on either side of the shoulder seam.

With this fabric being so firm, the sleeves on this dress sit high and away from my arms. It’s a bit sci-fi looking.

I figured the way the sleeves would sit I would use blue satin bias binding to hem the sleeves. You can certainly see this finish when I’m wearing this dress so using pretty binding was a clever choice.

For a Summer dress like this I would have overlocked the hem edge and then folded it up once and sewn it closed.

I’m glad I put some thought into the finishing details this time.

Now I can recommend using the short sleeve version.

I truly love the pockets on this pattern! 

In case you’re wondering, I took this photo in hotel room we stayed at during the course Susan ran in Sydney in February.

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Xerea 1.0

This is a story about a simple dress, that’s simple to make and simple to wear – Xerea by Paulinealice patterns.

The pockets really make it.
Talk about busy days – so making Xerea with no zippers, buttons or closures was a lovely way to chill.

Pauline sent this pattern to me as a gift.

This isn’t a fitted style and this version is my test version using size 38. 
A-line dresses are a classic style and this has a 60s feel to it.
I did a roll shoulder adjustment and left the back as it. The dress length is as per the pattern.

The shoulder line is a bit short as these sleeves seem to ride to high on this version. It’s ok Pauline, I’ve adjusted this on my next dress.

I was very tempted to start overworking this dress to get a more definted waist but in the end I took in the the front seams in by 1cm for a better front fit.
This is my ‘not to be messed around’ look.

I’ve worn this version to work a couple of times now it’s really functional, comfortable and let’s me get on with the day while not feeling constrained. Love those pockets.

I bought this fabric recently from Pitt Trading to make a 60s costume and I still have plenty work with.

There’s a lined Xerea that I’ll show you next time.

Fabric stash #9 – Simplicity 9747

This basic a-line dress is simple to make and easy to wear. The fabric is a dark blue-grey linen that I bought early last year. I’ve already made this fabric into two skirts and a zip-front jacket. The fabric is from a Tessutis’ sale.

The fabric crushes like all good linen should but it works so well with this pattern.
I’m really pleased that I’ve finally made up this dress because the fabric fits well into my work wardrobe.

The next thing I’ll do is make a belt to go with it – but after the fabric stash competition ends.

Please note, the rubgy season has started again so it’s back to Friday/Saturday night sewing again – unless I get my social calendar into gear…