Jungle pants – Butterick 6837

I was amazed that I found yet another jungle remnant in the stash – a snake skin print.

I’ve used Butterick 6837 because these pants are light, flowy and great for humid, mozzie infested jungle conditions.
 Remember- it’s still Jungle January. Jungle on.

The waistband has a 32mm elastic and the seams are simply overlocked. I’ve made the small size and adjusted the back crotch curve for my ‘behind.‘ These pants have been excellent for air travel too.

MyHung fabrics had an interesting eyelet fabric and I decided to make this fabric into these pants too. The fabric is 90cm wide with a lovely edging on both sides of the fabric.

This time I trimmed back the inside seam to slim back the leg width without looking too out of proportion.

I’ve also lined them from the waist to the knees because the eyelets on this fabric are huge – nothing to see here🙂

Now to make a peplum top in a solid colour (no print) to wear with both of these pants.

I’m trying to edit back the jungle prints to avoid looking like Adriana from The Sopranos. Adriana was way taller and she had nails as long as any lioness.

Dilemma: What does a girl do when the jungle prints run out?

Jungle knock off

Bias cut is comfortable to wear and even more so if it’s a nightie.

You can see the jungle print better below.

The original nightie below is from Sussan’s bought many years ago. I love the wide straps. They are gathered or bunched up at the join.
And I’ve positioned the straps at the back so it sits well on my shoulders.
The fabric was probably from Spotlight and I bought it for funky jacket lining so there’s still plenty of it in the fabric stash. So this jungle print won’t be worn out of the house, unless it’s jacket lining. Jungle on.

2012 wrap up:
Over 75 pattern reviews and managed 3 PR contests.

2013 goals:
Extend my skill set and work with indie patterns.