The dress

The dress – needs no introduction really.

From Terry’s blog

And it’s a significant part of the Outlander story, hence I didn’t attempt to make this as is. Terry’s work on this dress is amazing. There’s lots of detailing involved. You can read about it on her blog.

So I’ve taken elements of this dress as I’ve never made a corset. My version is not a replica. It couldn’t be.
But this is a reminder of the awesome work the show’s costumers put into the original dress.

White Tree Fabrics provided the fabrics and they were excited with this dress concept. 

Here are my starting fabrics from White Tree and I used Simplicity 3809.

It was the white bonded fabric that spurred on my idea to make something like the wedding dress. White Tree Fabrics has the ‘right’ fabrics to make the dress. Sometimes it’s hard to get everything you need from one place but not this time.
The bonded fabric is a knit so I interfaced so it morphed into a woven fabric. The silver fabric is much finer than the original dress so I lined the skirt as well as the bodice.

The cream fabric was perfect for the underblouse. I used two layers on the blouse sleeves and pulled the hem edges for a similar fringed edge. This fabric doesn’t fray too much so it was easy to create a similar fringe.

The silver fabric is metallic so I cut it out using paper scissors. I used fabric scissors for the other fabrics.
This version was edited back
Then came the fun part, adjusting the bodice for the corset.

What you see here is my test version using quilting cotton and the boning. This was good practice.

And here’s a close up of the corset being prepped with boning.

 The boning is sewn onto the lining and not in the seams.

Below is the inside after I finished the seams. I hand stitched the lining onto the zipper seams. And internal layer of fabric could have been included for a firmer fit. The silver fabric is very light so I used white calico for more firmness but less bulk.
Below is the finished corset.

The back of the corset is higher than the front neckline. I’ve also used an open ended zipper for the back centre seam.

So what does this outfit look like on me…
This dress weighs much less than the original wedding dress in Outlander.
There was plenty of work in creating the corset and I enjoyed this process.
It’s very simple and uses the elements that work for me.
Thank you White Tree Fabric for these fabrics. They’ve kept me busy while waiting for the next part of Outlander to hit our screens in April.


  1. Love all your experiments with period costumes and really love how you use a favorite pastime as inspiration for unique designs. Haven't watched Outlander yet (don't get Starz) but loved the book! and just got the first half of the season on DVD (I plan to get the second half when it comes out and binge watch the whole season!!)


  2. I've made it to keep me occupied while waiting for the next part of series 1 to come on tv. I'll be using the blouse and the corset in Winter so these will be used #sparkle


  3. Thanks Kelli.
    I love the books and tv series too. The next part of series 1 will be amazing (no spoiler). If you have time, you should read the rest of the books.
    I hope your running training is going well!


  4. Maria it was such fun meeting you in Brisbane. I missed when you left! sorry. Hope to see you in Sydney sooner than later!


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