Playsuit – McCalls 6362

In the 70’s View A was short jumpsuit. Now it’s called a ‘playsuit’, ‘romper’ or ‘onesie’ for the kiddies. PS. The People’s choice Macquarie Dictionary Word of the year in 2013 is onesie.

I’ve made the View A with an Australian natives twist using this white on black cotton print from my local fabric haunt MyHung. Happy Lunar New Year y’all.

The neckline and armholes are finished with cotton bias binding and I’ve used an invisible zipper along the centre back seam. Elastic is used in the waist seam casing and I’ve made the belt with leftover fabric. I did check the bodice with my bodice block so I knew the neckline and armholes would sit well on me. And they did.

The glamorous views in this McCalls pattern would be perfect for date nights or clubbing using a satin or slinky feel fabric. But for me, this cotton version is stock standard coastal wear. Shelley Beach in fact in the afternoon of a great Summer’s day with no humidity. Sydney is humidity central in February so will be my standard attire while it’s hot.

No real print placement took place. There are Koalas, Rosellas, Emus, Platypus and golden wattle throughout this print.  Now this bird had better get back to her sewing machine and leave the jumpsuits for others to make.

A glamour shot wearing my havaianas

Mr V took these photos. We hung out at the beach for the rest of the afternoon and had fun in the waves. It was a long drive home so we had dinner at Terrigal, another great beach town.


  1. You know, this looks really good actually, very fashionable. I had to buy a onesie for my niece and she had her heart set on some polyester monstrosity and I still can't believe I actually bought it.


  2. This is so much fun – you have me tempted to sew myself a playsuit for the beach this summer. The word “onesie” makes me laugh every time. Maybe I'm in the backwaters, but the only usage here is for a baby's undergarment.


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