This was a workshop worth attending. For some of us, it was a revelation.How much can you pick up from a single overlocker workshop when you've owned an overlocker for many years.   (This is kinda technical so if you're not interested, ignore the rest of this post and see you next time.) You know those inward corners that … Continue reading Overlocked

Yoga pants – Silhouette #3011 Nanette’s yoga pants

Here's the first test case made on the weekend using the overlocker and 2" elastic. I've used a very strong nylon/lycra matt fabric remnant from The Fabric Store at the February Sydney Sewer Meet up.I didn't get dressed up for these pictures.Below is how these pants should look. I have to resew the front leg curve.She … Continue reading Yoga pants – Silhouette #3011 Nanette’s yoga pants